A friend of mine told me, after reading previous posts on jet pack shooter, that it was time for me to stop screwing up with features and that I should start the game at last, to release a first version as MVP (Most Valuable Product). Well, darn, I know he is right. Still, I’m sure the game has nothing yet that will make it unique and possibly successful.

But I decided to follow the advice and develop features “when needed”. So, I finally started the introduction level !

Here come some screenshots. I don’t want to show a video for now because the introduction stops abruptly where I am right now.

This introduction level will end when the main character get his sword and gun. It’s a basic and short level composed of 2 areas (green area and prison). I’m also applying a shader for the ambiant colors. It makes it a bit less flashy I think.

Here is the full level from the editor view :


I’ll do a video as soon as the final part of the level is done… I’m doing some animations for that !


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