Yeah.. I know I may be doing a big mistake here. Since most of the game mechanics are there, ready to make a single player adventure, I could simply continue on that path till I ship something… But no… I changed my mind. Again. But, before killing me, let me explain the “why”.

I’m making this game for fun. Having a deadline is a good thing but I don’t have one, and I don’t think I’ll bother with that anymore. Not for this game.

So, I decided to make it ready for multiplayer. This way you can play the adventure solo or in coop (2 players, no more). Why? I simply asked myself “where is the fun in this game?” and couldn’t come with an answer. That’s where my poor game design skills show ! But the networking will allow me to place the game in a less common category. So even if the gameplay doesn’t shine, at least, it will have a coop mode to step out of the melee.

Then, you could ask “why not get the networking done once the regular solo game is finished?” : Well, the networking requires a specific architecture (client/server) where each of the clients can be properly identified and synchronised with no conflicts in their 3Cs (Camera, Control, Character). It means : having the networking from the very beginning or go with refactoring. And here we speak of refactoring… A lot.

I already have the basic things working fine other the network : HUD, controls, cameras, and even a friendly fire (I’m not sure I’ll keep it though).




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