I completed the tutorial level!

Notable improvements from previous version are:

  • Birds flying over the scene: I like it!
  • Shadows: For some reasons the shadows got disabled in my scene previously.
  • Cat: The first cat of the game is there to test your fighting skills. I wanted to make its appearance a bit special. But it still lacks something. Probably I’ll add a kind of splash screen with a sketch of the cat and a stupid name. I was thinking to do so for real bosses, but maybe it could also be a way to introduce new enemies.
  • End of level: The zone at the end of the level with the ugly checker texture is where a level ends. I’m not a huge fan of this texture and some friends told me the same already. Well, it’s a prefab so for now I’ll live with that and change as soon as I get a better idea!

I already designed 8 levels on paper! Some will require few new features, but it should be fine. Now, I should be moving to the “Level choosing” part but there is something I’m trying to figure out… Should the bullets really be unlimited? Or should I have a limitation based on the gun you use? Darn, this will be my concern of this weekend!

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