Game Dev

Yet another enemy

I did some “play tests” lately with colleagues who were interested in trying the game. And it appears only the “Ranger Cat” (cat walking and scratching) is a foe they can handle for a first try, after the tutorial. Somehow, it means they can progress at some point and feel challenged, which is a good thing! BUT, it also means I cannot use most of the enemies early in the game without redesigning their behaviour a bit.

So I decided to introduce another enemy. Let’s call him the “Muscle Cat”. He is basically a classic “Ranger Cat” with much more life. The whole point is just to have a bit of variety early in the game.

Screenshot 2019-07-28 at 20.27.34.png

He is also slightly bigger than a regular cat and a bit slower. But he is still smaller than a “Heavy Cat”.

Screenshot 2019-07-28 at 20.25.51.png

Here again, the 3D initial mesh is the same as before, I just scaled the arms and created a dirty texture! As I previously said, I’ll only polish if the details are noticeable on mobile.

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