Game Dev

Sword Combos

While messing around with the last enemy I created (cf previous post), I felt like the lasting fights would get boring at some point (repeating the same moves). So I introduced 3 attacks that can be triggered after special move sequences. And the more hits combo you cumulated, the more powerful those attacks will be.

Here are the patterns:

  • 360 Spin: Left + Left or Right + Right
  • Vertical Spin: Down + Down
  • Aerial: Left + Right + Up or Right + Left + Up

Here is the result:

There are some camera glitches I need to fix but beside this, I won’t touch this feature anymore I hope. Still, I did some changes since I recorded this. When triggering an arial attack, if no enemy was touched after the first slash, then it will shorten the attack. This prevent the player from levitating alone (like at 1:28min in the video).

Finally, I did 2 unrelated changes:

  • I moved the combo hits feedback to the middle of the screen. Whenever I tried the game on mobile my hands were hiding the text on the side of the screen, so I moved it. I feel it’s way better there.
  • I put back the infinite ammo! Yeah… It was just too hardcore with limited ammo.

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