Game Dev

Weapon Perks

After some busy weeks, I’m back on the game!

Few posts bellow I mentioned my concern about weapons variety and then introduced the bullet limitation. The result was making the gameplay too harsh (from my perspective) so I decided to remove this feature. Finally I came with something else! The “Weapon Perks”.

The idea is quite simple. Take a sword for example. The available properties for swords are:

  • Damage
  • Speed
  • Range

So the only way for me to make swords was to play on those properties. Considering the current maximum damage dealt in one blow is 5, I felt like it would be tough to have plenty of different swords that would have real impact on gameplay. So I added “perks” that will increase/reduce your life/super/dash bars.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 22.17.18.png
Perks are displayed under the sword properties.

Grey perks have negative impacts while coloured perks have positive impacts.

On the picture above, for example, the katana removes 2 slots from the life bar and adds 1 to the dash bar. So even-though the katana is faster than most of the swords it has some drawbacks.
The same perks also applies to guns. I had a hard time creating different gun specs so it will help me move forward on the matter.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 22.17.51.png
This swords reduces the cost of the super attack by 1 slot.
Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 22.26.01.png
This sword reduces the dash bar by 2 slots and increases the cost of the super attacks by 2.

While it’s good for me, I hope it won’t bring too much confusion to the player.

Oh, note I added new swords to the game! I didn’t design those. I simply got this awesome pack on Unity Asset Store. I then played a bit with the materials to have the black outline, that’s it. It really fits my whole style I think. It’s a shame the artist didn’t make guns. I’ll have to tackle that sooner or later…

Let’s proceed further!

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