Game Dev


I hope you are safe at home! Can’t wait to go back to our usual day to day life! But note this also gives us the opportunity to work on our personal dev projects on our spare time!! So let’s complete this game already!

I almost completed the score page (cf previous post). I just need to change some icons and then it should be done for good.

Still, I’m back on level making and I’m just starting the 2nd level, finally.

The idea in the first levels is to introduce different game mechanics one after another before I can mix everything. Here I’ll introduce the stairs. I just tried to give a proper look and feel to the old ladder I created (cf post about jumping) and this should do.

Screenshot 2020-03-22 at 01.34.42.png

Here is how it works:

Now I’ll put some more stairs, some battles some hidden crates and a boss (just a regular enemy appearing for the first time). That’s it…

Take care!

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