Game Dev

Level 6 completed!

Alright.. I’m done with the level 6 as well. It took me less than 3 days to complete. It shows that I’m more and more aware of the tools and of the process of level creation itself. And it could have been even faster if I didn’t have to do a tutorial there.
I’m quite happy of the result:

Level 6 – Part 1
Level 6 – Part 2

The part 2 is slightly shorter in terms of exploration due to the fact the tutorial takes some time to complete.

Enter a caThe teacher has to be an asshole
Learning how to use the Super Attacks

I can now put red boxes as the one on the previous screenshot here and there in levels so the player can use the Super Attacks. It also means I will be able to do harder battle waves.

Four more levels to go before I start integrating some sounds. Then I’ll tweak the prices and stats of the item in customisation menu. And finally, I’ll start the Beta. I can’t wait!!

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