Game Dev


I added some guns to the game. I don’t think it does much difference but I hope people will still try those. There are 6 guns so far with different behaviour:

  • Cyber Gun: Default gun with low fire rate and 1 damage per bullet
  • Double: Lower fire rate than previous gun but fires 2 bullets at a time
  • Blaster: Slower bullet, one bullet at a time but higher fire rate
  • Desperados: High velocity bullet, Slow fire rate, 2 damages per bullet
  • Charger: You need to charge the bullet and release it. The longer it’s charged higher are the damages
  • Laser: Good fire rate, bullet go through enemies, 2 damages per bullet
Charger Gun

This will do for a first version. I need to find the right pricing for all of the items though. It’s a pain.

Here is a record of the game running on mobile with the sounds integrated! It showcases one of the guns (charger):

So wha’s left?

  • Make an introduction with sketches
  • Adjust the pricing of the items
  • Integrate ads
  • Integrate analytics tools
  • Integrate in app purchases
  • Put some “Coming Soon” messages on features not implemented (online mode, Level World 2…)
  • Create some community pages

And then release a version 🙂

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