Game Dev

Mountain Cat

A new world needs some new enemies…
I do have some other cats in the pocket but the new setting is not really convenient to introduce those. So here comes a totally new enemy.

Again, it’s a quick win : Mesh recycling, new basic animations made in Blender, and cheap texture. I added a mask so I don’t even have to spend too much time on a facial expression. And here we go:

Code name “Mountain cat”

This cat moves faster and is more aggressive (2 attacks in a row) than others. He doesn’t react to hit nor dashes. That’s it.

I tried facing 2 of those at once and it’s a bit tricky… So I’ll keep it alone at first.

Well, all other enemies got turned in blue and got an upgrade of life and some tweaking of their attack parameters. That’s it for now… It should be enough for the next 5 levels.

I also have some mini games and a mecha ready to be integrated so that’s all good! World 2 will be a piece of cake to develop.

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