Game Dev

Level 2-2 completed!

The level 2-2 is done! That’s the twelfth level already! I’m excited and sure I’ll manage to reach my target: 30 levels for a first release.

I decided to remove the “Friendly fires”… It was way too hardcore. I was killing the other rabbit all the time. Still, this is quite a tough level. I needed to unlock plenty of upgrades to make sure I could complete the level in the video.

I really wonder if a regular player would be able to complete it. Well I hope a regular player would farm to get enough money or just pay to get the upgrades faster (yeah, I really hope so).

The level is introducing a new rabbit, the Mountain Cat and the crystals that require an explosion. Those crystals will re-appear in different levels (especially when the mecha will be involved! Can’t wait).

That’s one more level done. Let’s move to the next one!
Next one will simply be a level where you need to find all the Mountain Cats and kill them. It’s nothing fancy so it should be done quickly.
I already listed all the levels I will be doing for this second world. I just have few doubts for level 5 and 6. Everything else should be quite smooth.

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