Game Dev

Level 2-6 Part 1

I didn’t manage to finish the level 2-6 in the weekend but at least the first part is done. I feel like the levels are growing longer. I hope it’s still ok. I didn’t think I would one day complain about levels being too long, to be honest, but I wonder if it will be ok for most of the players.

The level introduces the block mini game. At last! It feels great when all the parts are finally used in levels.

The player will also have to open a door with a code (introduced in level 1-8). And this will appear more in following levels.

I like this character:

Some fights end up being a bit messy… But still, I think I did a decent job there for a cheap mobile game 🙂

The mecha will be introduced in level 2-7. I can’t wait 🙂

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