Game Dev

Level 2-7 WIP

I’m currently working on the level 2-7. That’s the 17th level, already!

The block moving mini game is reused here with a more complex puzzle. You first need to move the block to make a bridge, go up activate the switch to open a door and finally move the block to avoid the laser. That’s a really nice part of the level I think!

Then it’s just about some battles and a door with a password to find. I already completed the first part of the level.

The second part is introducing the mecha as I mentioned in my previous post. Finally!

I spent a bit of time to add some sounds to it. It was missing. Now each step makes it look so real it seems alive 🙂

I reused the first tutorial here. The gameplay of the mecha is quite close to the one of the character. The main difference is that the player can fire in any direction. Here the robot will have to be rotated first.

I should be able to finish this level tomorrow evening after work! 🙂

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