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Unity editor vs iOS

While testing the game on iOS I figured out that some behaviours really differs! I was investigating an issue lately that I could only replicate on mobile. And the outcome is quite interesting for me.

I have this piece of code on a “Gun.cs” script.

audioSource.PlayOneShot(fireClip, 1f);

Nothing fancy. This line will simply play a clip without looping and with a volume set to 100%.

The Gun script is used for all the guns of the game. And lately some new enemies I created were failing to fire on mobile but not in the editor. Actually they were shooting once and then stopping while in the editor they were shooting at will.

After debugging with Xcode it appears that I simply forgot to add the AudioSource component to their weapons. So the audioSource property was simply null. I’m even surprised this was working in the editor. Even though there is a big chance I didn’t check the warnings there, the behaviour was totally different. It’s really worth testing on mobile!

Still, there is a really neat trick to make sure you never forget required components with your scripts:

public class Gun : MonoBehaviour

This will add the AudioSource component to your GameObject for you.

I felt like writing something for Unity devs for once 🙂
Maybe once I released the game, I’ll do some tutorials!

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