Game Dev

Some more FX

I reworked a bit the level 3-6. Here is the final version:

I finished the level 3-7 as well. I’ll post a video later today if I can.
I’m ~40% done on the level 3-8. I hope I can finish it tomorrow after work.

I know I did way too many levels for a first version. It’s just that it’s actually fun to do and somehow delaying the commercial failure feels good. Haha. Still, here is the plan:

  • Finish the remaining 3 levels to reach the 30 levels target
    • Level 3-8 is about moving a bomb to a targeted location and then escaping before the explosion. It’s well advanced and should be finished tomorrow or the day after.
    • Level 3-9 is a compilation of most of the enemies and mechanics of the 3rd world.
    • Level 3-10 is a boss. I have one left but it requires a bit of development.
  • Integrate the monetisation (ads, in-app purchases)
  • Make the game icons
  • Make a gameplay trailer
  • Release!

If I work seriously starting Tuesday (I’ll be off), maybe I can finish everything by next week! šŸ™‚

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