Game Dev


Since I’m done with the actual content of the game I spent the day working on the monetization.

The plan is really basic. I don’t know if it will work but, here it is:

  • Diamonds Store: The player can pay to get more diamonds
  • Level end: The player can watch an ad to get diamonds as a reward
  • Daily Reward: There are daily rewards but you need to watch a video to claim

That’s it. Then I hope the growing difficulty of the game will force the player to watch more videos or pay!!

  1. Diamonds Store

This screen is accessible from the home and from the customization screen (when trying to purchase something you can’t afford!).

I have to say I did all the screens quite fast so it’s really minimalist but I guess it will do the trick for now.

Behind the scene, I’m using Unity IAP service:
It gives a good abstraction for iOS and Android in-app purchase systems. The screenshot above shows $0.01 for each item because I was testing in the Editor (not iOs nor Android) so this is a placeholder value. I’m currently preparing a sandbox to test on iOS (some issues to troubleshoot with my account…). But basically the prices will be : $2, $3, $5, $10

2. Rewarded Video on level end

When finishing a level, the total of coins gathered is converted into diamonds and added to the diamonds from the completed goals (50 per goal). Note you can get the goals’ diamonds only once. Most of the time, finishing a level and its 3 goals will give ~160-200 diamonds.

But it’s possible to watch a video to double this amount of diamonds. The whole point is to give meaning to the video as part of the whole game experience.

The bonus button is at the bottom.

3. Daily Rewards

It’s a common thing nowadays so I made one screen for that as well. It will be accessible only after the user completes one level.

The button is on the bottom left on the main screen. It will be bouncing when there is a reward to fetch.

Again, the UI is basic and quickly made. It’s even based on a prefab of the Store! Most of the time the rewards are on 5 days. Here it’s on 4. The main reason is that I was bored to change the layout. But I think it’s fine this way.

As you can see, the user needs to watch a video to claim his reward. I know it might be a pain but I did that for 2 reasons: My implementation here is easy to exploit and I still want to have some people watching videos!!

On the 4th day the box is simply triggering the same kind of reward as when you get 3 stars on a level. So on the 4th connection day, you could get crap or an expensive item. On the 5th day, the whole thing is repeated (forever).

That’s it. I won’t force the player to watch videos nor buy items… But I hope he will!!!

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