Character design

I worked recently on designing a character for Justin, who contacted me on┬áthe Blog. I made an original character based on his expectations for his game. I did some spritesheets for the animations as well. I won’t share the whole thing here, since Justin owns the character, but here is a preview : You can┬ácontact…


Hey, I’m a bit busy lately but I should be back on tracks soon enough and update the blog ! I got a lot of projects here and there !! I just need to focus now.

Random painting

I broke my left wrist while skateboarding. I’m a beginner and I’m stupid : now, I pay for it ! Well I’m not working for 6 weeks and staying at home with a useless left hand.. Great. I still have my right hand so I’m drawing, working on Unity and discovering Ableton (I’ll make a…

Blender and stuff

Hey guys, It’s been a while !! I did sooo many things… Ok, I didn’t do a single thing for my game since march… Instead, I’ve been learning some more C++ (to keep my rusting skills up to date), learning some Blender (and I’m still on it). I’ve been learning HTML5 with AngularJS as well….