Digital Arts

Character design

I worked recently on designing a character for Justin, who contacted me on the Blog.

I made an original character based on his expectations for his game. I did some spritesheets for the animations as well.
I won’t share the whole thing here, since Justin owns the character, but here is a preview :


You can┬ácontact me if you want some vector assets as well. I have some commissions already in progress but don’t hesitate to ask anyway.

Digital Arts, Misc

Random painting

I broke my left wrist while skateboarding. I’m a beginner and I’m stupid : now, I pay for it !

Well I’m not working for 6 weeks and staying at home with a useless left hand.. Great.

I still have my right hand so I’m drawing, working on Unity and discovering Ableton (I’ll make a post on it soon).

Random paint3

Digital Arts, Misc

Blender and stuff

Hey guys,

It’s been a while !! I did sooo many things… Ok, I didn’t do a single thing for my game since march…
Instead, I’ve been learning some more C++ (to keep my rusting skills up to date), learning some Blender (and I’m still on it).


I’ve been learning HTML5 with AngularJS as well. It’s so powerful !!

These months were fun. But, I’ll keep this blog up to date from now on !

Starting now, I’ll share part of my exprements (as a newbie, huh ?) on AngularJS, Blender and Unity3D (if I manage to gather some courage to get back to my game dev).