Back to work !

I’m back from vacation ! I went to Croatia and Bosnia ! I recommend ! It was beautiful !! But it’s now time to get back to work. I played a bit with the current features the last week and I’m pretty satisfied of most of the work done so far. I still feel like…

Unity Asset Store

I don’t think I can do a nice 3D game by myself… That’s why I’m mainly making characters and animations. I did say that already, right ? What I probably didn’t mention is that my main source of assets is the official Unity asset store. This is a really nice place to find great materials…

Guitar making

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to build something from scratch out of real materials ? I’m sure you have ! Well, I want to know as well ! So I decided to build a guitar from scratch. No kidding… Wait, I’ll do it, even though it’s not my top priority. There are so…

American Vampire

I recently bought a comic called “American Vampire Legacy”. Truth is I chosed it only because I like Sean Gordon Murphy’s art work ! But when I started reading it I realized it was a kind of sequel to another  popular comic : American Vampire. I didn’t feel like reading it without knowing the former story,…


ONO3D (initially called OLO3D) is a mini 3D printer affordable (99$) using your smartphone in the printing process ! I participated to the Kickstater campaign and now I can’t wait to receive it and print some random 3D meshes. They should be shipping soon !!


I got this comic yesterday (the full version), written by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) and illustrated by Sean Gordon Murphy and Matt Hollingstworth for the coloring. The story is about time travels and this so called “butterfly effect”. Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly are reknown and charismatic scientists. They will live crazy adventures through different part of the…

Rex + Arduino

I was looking for an idea to make a use of my Arduino.. Last week, some friends of mine just dropped to my place with a fish… For real. They actually went to a shop to buy some drinks, and they came back with the drinks and a LIVING fish they called “Rex”. Crazy guys…..

Home made junk food

I’m working on some projects right now. I’ll show some stuff soon. But in the meantime, I’m enjoying the sun and the junk food ! It was my first time making home made bread for burgers. I got some fresh meat as well, mixed the spices, cooked the potatoes into fries and so on. And…


Hey, I’m a bit busy lately but I should be back on tracks soon enough and update the blog ! I got a lot of projects here and there !! I just need to focus now.


Hey, I felt like toying a bit with some electronic stuff… I just got the Arduino starter kit ! Youhou ! I’m just going through the exercises for now. It’s interesting at least for my own culture 🙂