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Unity editor vs iOS

While testing the game on iOS I figured out that some behaviours really differs! I was investigating an issue lately that I could only replicate on mobile. And the outcome is quite interesting for me.

I have this piece of code on a “Gun.cs” script.

audioSource.PlayOneShot(fireClip, 1f);

Nothing fancy. This line will simply play a clip without looping and with a volume set to 100%.

The Gun script is used for all the guns of the game. And lately some new enemies I created were failing to fire on mobile but not in the editor. Actually they were shooting once and then stopping while in the editor they were shooting at will.

After debugging with Xcode it appears that I simply forgot to add the AudioSource component to their weapons. So the audioSource property was simply null. I’m even surprised this was working in the editor. Even though there is a big chance I didn’t check the warnings there, the behaviour was totally different. It’s really worth testing on mobile!

Still, there is a really neat trick to make sure you never forget required components with your scripts:

public class Gun : MonoBehaviour

This will add the AudioSource component to your GameObject for you.

I felt like writing something for Unity devs for once 🙂
Maybe once I released the game, I’ll do some tutorials!


Beta started

I just started to share some builds with people to get some feedbacks.
So far I didn’t got much but I hope I can have some constructive critics. The whole point is to make the game better anyway.

If you are reading these lines and you are interested in testing the game, please join us on Discord:

The builds and instructions are on Discord.

I hope to have more testers soon 🙂



Clearing some hard drives, I found another sketch I made when I was imagining some games years back. This one is from 2007.


It brings back old memories ! Darn. The game was supposed to tell the story of a guy leaving his tribe to discover the world ridding on a rhino. End of the scenario !

Now that I see this picture I think I’ve been playing Donkey Kong too much back then. Do you remember Donkey Kong Country ?? That’s one of the best platformer game, right ? 🙂


Still around


I’m still working on games. The only thing is at the moment I’m trying to publish another basic game (developed in few hours). My rabbit game is still my “long term” project, huh ? I just need to publish stuff from time to time to feel I’m actually active on the market places somehow 😀

Eh, cleaning a bit my drives I found old sketches I did when designing random games. Here comes what I found today :Character01 copie.jpg

I made this one for a platformer I wanted to make as a Contra like game… Well it didn’t go further than that !


This caracter is one of my childhood favorite. After playing Jet Set Radio Future for hours on Xbox, I created this character I named “Slash”. I finally turned it into a simple roller game running on Nintendo DS. It was only possible to slide and break though. I cannot even find the source code nor screenshots. But I never stopped hopping one day I would bring this character back to motion 🙂


Back to work !

I’m back from vacation ! I went to Croatia and Bosnia ! I recommend ! It was beautiful !!

But it’s now time to get back to work.

I played a bit with the current features the last week and I’m pretty satisfied of most of the work done so far. I still feel like the combos are way too basic but it’s meant to be a casual game anyway.

My plan is now to work on some more enemies :

  • Gunner cat : Shooting from afar and taking cover from time to time (I implemented that once for a game on Wii…)
  • Armored cat : Taking no damage from gun until his armor is broken – Require to use the sword.
  • Armored gunner cat : Mix of previous enemies – Requires to use the sword.
  • Shielded cat : Taking no damage from gun nor sword until his shield is aside – Require to use the dash to lower the shield.

Then I’ll just have different colors matching different strength.

There will be bosses too, huh ? And most likely I’ll recycle them too.


Yeah, I still have plenty of things to do !! But everything is do-able and my motivation is still up, so let’s get going !! 🙂

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Unity Asset Store

I don’t think I can do a nice 3D game by myself… That’s why I’m mainly making characters and animations. I did say that already, right ? What I probably didn’t mention is that my main source of assets is the official Unity asset store. This is a really nice place to find great materials !

My latest pick is the “Turrets Pack”. It’s awesome. And it’s free.


Get the pack here !

I just built a simple laser AI to have some basic “puzzle games”. I just required a turret to be the source of the laser… Well, you’ll understand in my next post !


Guitar making

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to build something from scratch out of real materials ? I’m sure you have ! Well, I want to know as well ! So I decided to build a guitar from scratch. No kidding… Wait, I’ll do it, even though it’s not my top priority.

There are so many awesome things to learn in the world, we shouldn’t loose interest when having doubts or facing difficulties ! I think we should just give it a go and face the failures head on ! We learn more from failures than successes anyway, right ? Yeah, you probably guessed already : I’m not too confident about this project… I’m envisioning a great FAILURE.

What I’m talking about here is a long term project. It’s not like my game that is already filling my nights and day breaks. It’s more like something I work on the weekends only and slowly (but surely !).

I already finished one book from Leo Lospennato about “Guitar Design”. And I’m in the middle of his second book about “Guitar Making”. It’s really great and instructive. I’m a damn newbie to everything mentioned it that book. The funny thing is I realized afterward Lospennato is a former software engineer as well.

I’m trying to gather some feedbacks to validate the design before starting ordering the different parts I require.

At the moment, the latest design I’m considaring to build looks like that :


Maybe I’ll make the horns and headstock less straight but you get the idea.

Edit : After some feedbacks, here is a new version (with a less “metal” style) :


Edit 2 :



American Vampire

I recently bought a comic called “American Vampire Legacy”. Truth is I chose it only because I like Sean Gordon Murphy’s art work ! But when I started reading it I realised it was a kind of sequel to another  popular comic : American Vampire. I didn’t feel like reading it without knowing the former story, so I stopped and just paid for some American Vampire comics (1 & 2). And I love it !

It’s written by Scott Snyder with contributions from Stephan King, himself ! Rafael Albuquerque and Mateus Santolouco are the artists.

As you guessed, the story is about cute cats and butterflies, of course. Nah.. The title is clear enough. We are dealing with vampires here ! The story starts in 1880 in the US, when a famous and dangerous criminal, Skinner Sweet, gets bitten by a vampire. The thing is he became a non conventional vampire with new powers, new weaknesses and thus more enemies and more crimes to do ! The comic follows this charismatic character over the years in his journey for vengeance (and pure madness) and follows as well the people who look for him to stop and kill him once for good. But he got a damn tough skin.

This story makes you like a really crazy bastard (and a vampire). Well, you don’t have to like Skinner Sweet. But the story is so crazy, you can barely stop to get mad at him, anyway ! Plus, it’s beautiful ! I like the fact the style is different for each time frame. A part of the story is happening in a “present” while another is a “past”. At least it’s how it is for a great part of what I read so far.  Enjoy !




ONO3D (initially called OLO3D) is a mini 3D printer affordable (99$) using your smartphone in the printing process !

I participated to the Kickstater campaign and now I can’t wait to receive it and print some random 3D meshes. They should be shipping soon !!