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Majin Cat

That’s just a “code name”. I wasn’t inspired and I don’t bother anymore thinking deeply about names. So far those names just help me organising my code, prefabs and components, right?

Anyway, I just made a new enemy this morning. It was nothing like a priority, but I just wanted to play a bit with Blender.

Also, I did this sketch few days back when I was trying to imagine some bosses.


As I said previously, I’m not even trying to make anything beautiful for the game in Blender. Instead I’m trying to re-use the meshes I created in the past as much as I can. Creating a mesh from scratch is still a pain for me. So this enemy is a regular cat. I just scaled his head, arms, torso and pants. It’s low cost for low quality! But it will do the trick for a mobile indie game, hopefully šŸ˜€

Result in Blender



Then, I did a simple idle animation where the cat is kind of levitating. Finally I integrated it in Unity.

Result in Unity

That’s where I am. I’ll let this enemy aside and work on its AI and animations from time to time. There is no rush…

One thing I can mention though is I’ll introduce soon enough the ability for the main character to deflect bullets with a tap with 2 fingers. It will consume 2 slots of energy from the blue bar (used for dashes so far). But purple bullets like those thrown by this enemy won’t be deflectible. This should enable me to add some more subtlety to the gameplay!


Blender: Images auto reload

It’s been a while I didn’t play with Blender. This morning I felt like using it so I worked on a mini boss I designed lately. I’ll explain more about it in the next post. Here I just wanted to share a plugin I found this morning. Even if I’m a total newbie with 3D and texturing, this plugin really helps me there.

When texturing a mesh, I work with 2 screens: one showing the overall result in Blender (with different views: front, back…) and one where I do the actual 2D texture in Photoshop.



The problem I had till then was I had to always go to Blender to manually refresh the texture to see my updates, which is quite a pain when you are as bad as I am in the matter!

I finally found a plugin for Blender that reloads automatically the images after a configurable timeout. Get it there.

It allows me to mess around in Photoshop and simply save whenever I want to see the actual result in Blender. Cool stuff!


WM walk cycle

Symple walk cycle for the boss.


In the actual game I’ll add some smoke FX on each step and make the whole animation slower. He doesn’t seem so heavy yet. I like the way the arms are swinging though.

I did a rough weight paint… There are still some glitches I’ll fix later. But anyway on a mobile screen, such glitches would beĀ harder to spot. So it’s not my priority for now.. I’ll do more animations (idle and attacks).



I’m now starting sketching and modeling my first enemies !

At the moment I’m doing the 3D model of the following one :

Super Ball Cat

It’s not a regular enemy, it’s a boss. Yeah, my first enemy is a boss. Yeah. YEAH !
I felt like starting with some interesting AI. I already have placeholders for basicĀ enemies. I wanted something different and more challenging to play with right now ! I’m my own boss anyway, I do whatever I want šŸ™‚

I plan to re-use bosses after their first apparition as simple enemies (or “mini bosses”).

ThreeĀ other enemies are in design process. Sounds good so far ! Can’t wait to get the whole thing in 3D and moving !