Majin Cat

That’s just a “code name”. I wasn’t inspired and I don’t bother anymore thinking deeply about names. So far those names just help me organising my code, prefabs and components, right? Anyway, I just made a new enemy this morning. It was nothing like a priority, but I just wanted to play a bit with…

Blender: Images auto reload

It’s been a while I didn’t play with Blender. This morning I felt like using it so I worked on a mini boss I designed lately. I’ll explain more about it in the next post. Here I just wanted to share a plugin I found this morning. Even if I’m a total newbie with 3D…

Low poly gun

I did a quick and dirty modeling + texturing of the gun. The result is a failure to me, but it was still worth trying : It’s really a rough low poly object. The texture is pretty bad but the gun is ready to be used. On Sketchfab :  

WM walk cycle

Symple walk cycle for the boss. In the actual game I’ll add some smoke FX on each step and make the whole animation slower. He doesn’t seem so heavy yet. I like the way the arms are swinging though. I did a rough weight paint… There are still some glitches I’ll fix later. But anyway…


I’m now starting sketching and modeling my first enemies ! At the moment I’m doing the 3D model of the following one : It’s not a regular enemy, it’s a boss. Yeah, my first enemy is a boss. Yeah. YEAH ! I felt like starting with some interesting AI. I already have placeholders for basic enemies….

Textured sword placeholder

I did a quick and dirty texture for the placeholder sword. Now I’ll make a simple gun. And then I’ll integrate the character in my Unity proto.

Blue eyed version

Just playing around with the character. I changed his eyes into blue to make it a bit more original… Maybe it does the trick ! He does look like a psycho, right ? I really hope so…