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Canvas game try

I had fun last week and made a quick 2D shooter for 2 players with HTML5 canvas.

It took me max 4 hours (including sketches, controls, collision…). Every single feature is basic and the code is shit but the whole thing was easy to make and it’s running. It took me 15 extra minutes to make it usable with touch (tablet, phone..). I used some angularJS for the fun but it wasn’t a need, it was just to practice.

Looks like I won’t code in Objective-C again before a long long time…


I’ll find a host for the little game, share the code and the assets (the explosion animation is from the web) as soon as possible.



Someone told me to check Threejs… And this is awesome !! I like the example “css3d/periodictable”.

I know there are some compatibility issues with webgl and some browsers but this is great to get 3D in navigators, really.

I’ll probably give it a look !




I’m still on my web project (for games in canvas and stuffs) !

Like I said before, I’m a newbie in the web, so everytime I learn something new I really get excited !!
I heard people talking about “Twitter Bootstrap” many times without paying attention.

Well, now that I know a bit more about HTML/JS/CSS and I know for sure that Bootstrap rocks.