Game Dev

Textured cat


The cat is now textured and rigged ! Ready for animating.

Finally I did a pretty simple face. Since it’s a “common” enemy I felt like making a kind of “basic” face without any special expression.



Game Dev

Basic foe

I’m working on the basic enemy you’ll be beating. It’s a simple cat.

I’m done with the low poly modeling and rough seam marking (red lines for texture splitting/mapping). Now I’ll do some texturing.

I think I’ll end up having several textures for the same mesh so that I can recycle this character.



ONO3D (initially called OLO3D) is a mini 3D printer affordable (99$) using your smartphone in the printing process !

I participated to the Kickstater campaign and now I can’t wait to receive it and print some random 3D meshes. They should be shipping soon !!

Game Dev

Static gun shoot

Here comes the simple gun shoot animation, when the player isn’t moving. Based on the fire rate, the animation will play faster/slower in actual game…

I’m not doing any polish on the animations for now so it should be pretty fast to make some more.

Game Dev

Weapon bones

I just added bones for weapons in both hands.

Now I’ll do some fighting animations and then re-import the whole thing in Unity 🙂
I plan to make the following animations :
– Static gun shoot
– Run gun shoot
– Static sword slash right
– Static  sword slash left
– Static circular sword slash
– Static sword thrust
Once done, I’ll have all the animations I need for the main character.

Btw I made the character’s eyes even bigger… ‘Hope it gives him a better look !

Game Dev

First try in Unity

I just tried integrating my Blender character in Unity and adding some controllers and physics to it.


I only used the Idle and the Run animations. I wonder if the Walk will actually be used…

I added a toon shader to the mesh just for the test. I like this design with outlines.

I didn’t write the shader myself, you can find it on the Unity asset store.
In addition, for my proto I’m using one of Unity’s tutorials environment.

Now it’s about making a gun and making the character shoot in Unity.
I’m starting with the gun because the sword will require more complex animations. But I can’t wait to get some sword movements though !!