Game Dev


Done !! It’s done !! I just submitted my new puzzle game on the Android Market !
Well, I’m still waiting for the approval and actual validation but still, I’m glad I made it till there.

The name of the game is “Rubic”. Ok, again I’m not proud of my lack of imagination when it comes to naming things.
“Rubic” is of course inspired of the famous R. cube (both name and gameplay).

Just like I said in a previous post, Rubic is a “casual” version of OrsCoL taking some OrsCoL failures into account :
– it’s free
– its name is, let’s say, “not awful”
– it integrates social┬ánetwork┬á(Facebook)
– it integrates advertisments (Google AdMobs)
– it’s graphically clean and simple
– it includes 80 puzzles at launch (and more to come)

Rubic_Home Rubic_Survival1Rubic_Survival2

Rubic_Puzzle1Rubic_Puzzle2 Rubic_Puzzle3

I’ll just wait to get some feedbacks on Android and then work on iOS if it really makes sense.

Anyway I’m using Unity so most of the work is done to get it working on iOS.
The only things remaining are linked to specific market places (in app purchases and so on).


Debugging an Android app

Hey there,

I’ve been debugging my Unity app using “popups” the whole time… Truth is I was too lazy to look for an other solution.

Last week I integrated OpenIAB (pluggin for app purchase) and my app crashed again and again at launch.
After some “google-ing” I figured out, actually, I could get a debug console pretty easily !

– Connect your Android device
– Go to your Android SDK folder, then “platform-tools”
– Run a “cmd” there
– Execute “adb logcat”

And it’s all done ! Really essential !