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I updated the door logic and put a proper texture.


I didn’t paint this. As I said in an old post, I’m trying to mainly focus on modeling the characters. Most of the other assets (beside the crates, few weapons and the spawning capsule) are from free or paid packs. This one is a free textured mesh you can find on the Unity asset store (here). But instead of using it as a piece of the floor I made a rotating door out of it : easy and cheap.

Maybe I’ll edit the texture to give it a kind of “flat” low poly style. Later.


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Unity Asset Store

I don’t think I can do a nice 3D game by myself… That’s why I’m mainly making characters and animations. I did say that already, right ? What I probably didn’t mention is that my main source of assets is the official Unity asset store. This is a really nice place to find great materials !

My latest pick is the “Turrets Pack”. It’s awesome. And it’s free.


Get the pack here !

I just built a simple laser AI to have some basic “puzzle games”. I just required a turret to be the source of the laser… Well, you’ll understand in my next post !