I got this comic yesterday (the full version), written by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) and illustrated by Sean Gordon Murphy and Matt Hollingstworth for the coloring.

The story is about time travels and this so called “butterfly effect”. Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly are reknown and charismatic scientists. They will live crazy adventures through different part of the human history !

So many things happen on each page you read you can barely take a break ! It’s awesome but somehow you would like some parts to go a bit slower and provide more explainations… And I expected the story to dig a bit more regarding consequences. It’s my own feeling though. Ever since I read Ray Bradbury’s famous novel “A Sound of Thunder”, I’m convinced all time travelling novels should somehow have similar outcomes. Even so, Chrononauts is an awesome comic. Sean Gordon Murphy is one of those comic artists I really like and his work here again makes the whole story both beautiful and dynamic !

Chrononauts The Movie is being made by Universal. I can’t wait to see that !



Darksiders rocks.

This week end I’ve been playing Darksiders. Yeah, sometimes I’m bored programming things in my engine, and I need to take a break. To me, that’s really hard to do games alone…
I need to find a way to cheer up every time I think “At this rate, I won’t be able to make a game” or “I should stop wasting time…”. Well, I guess that’s the case for every indies before they get something cool enough to forget their social life… 😀

So, last sunday, I put Darksiders in my 360 for the first time (I had the game for months but it was still in blister). I laid comfortably on my bed and took my controller to beat some demons and angels with style and anger…  I really enjoyed this first try. Thanks to a friend of mine who loves comic books, I discovered Joe Madureira (creative director on Darksiders) when I was younger (12-13 year old). Thanks to Battle Chasers (one of his comics) I started reading other comics than Spiderman or Batman, and enjoyed the style and stories. Since then, Joe Madureira has been the comic artist I liked the most. Here comes the famous Red Monica from Battle Chasers :

I hope you knew this character… If not, I feel kind of sorry for you. Throw away your sociability for a week and go get some comic books.

When I first saw some Darksiders’ artworks, I couldn’t fail guessing who could draw such things ! To me, just the fact he worked on this game was enough to buy it ! I once did the same for Hyung-Tae Kim when I got Magnacarta on PS2 (never played, but I couldn’t help cause this artist rocks).

But Darksiders is not only beautiful (some people say they don’t like the style, well, they should go to hell, huh ?), the characters are really cool ! I was surprised by the voice acting. That’s the first time I’ve been enjoying french voices in a game… They are really convincing (villains voices especially) !!

I’ve only played about 3 hours. And the gameplay is cool so far. Being able to throw things (cars and so on) on enemies is really cool (sometimes, I walk several minutes holding a car, waiting to find someone to throw it at).

You should be able to find the game for ~15-20€ now. It’s worth more !

I’m not coding today either, I have to kill some beasts.