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I just found this page :

It brings back so many memories !!
If you got a linker, download it and play it.
I had so much fun coding it back then.
Now I think this game was really bad in terms of gameplay and design but still, it’s made with nothing but passion ! I like it. 🙂


Game Dev

Old Indie Games

Let’s start with some stuff I did few years ago…

Since these were my first games I did several mistakes but really enjoyed working on the DS.

Orscol :

Orscol is a puzzle game in which you need some timing and reflexes. It’s kind of hardcore, you’ll need to train to reach the 50th and last level.
Just google it ! (I don’t even need to host it to share it ! I’m quite proud of this first DS game)

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Edit : I just found it there –

Rollerz :

Rollerz is just a plateformer experimentation. I wanted to create a platformer in which you can use a gun and a sword with the stylus (character in the header).
It was not so bad for a beginning, but I was a little frustrated by the DS graphic limit.

Edit :,3946.msg37444.html#msg37444

ClimaX :

ClimaX is a game I started to develop for PSP. It was supposed to be a shooter with horizontal scrolling using night and day as part of the gameplay. No playable version.

These games were developped quickly : Hard coded and pigs could do better ! After my first experience as a pro I’ve learned lots of things about “how do they do it” !

I’m now working on XNA for Xbox360.