Game Dev

Bezier curve editor !

I told ya I would do it, huh ? Now it’s done !

“Is it useful ?” you askin’ ? Hell if I know !

Well, at least, it could be used to give some funny movements to objects. Maybe I could even use it to make fake water ? Moving the different “attraction points” up and down could make it look like waves ?
Probably. Then I could draw a filled blue polygon and add some shaders ? I wonder…

Anyway, now I’ll stop doing stuff I’m not even sure to use in the current project.
I’m starting to work on the gameplay right away !! Exciting !

Game Dev

Coding and doing some design !

Today I started to work on my editor to make some stuff reusable for my iOS project. Well, so far it’s going well.
I’m just doing some base classes in Objective-C anyway. But soon enough I’ll be sinking into tones of annoying issues for sure.

I took a break earlier to think about the design of the game. There’s nothing special to say about the gameplay.
It’ll be a Contra-like game most likely. The player will be able to run/shoot/jump/dash and activate things like elevators or doors. That’s all.
I don’t feel like making something original. Truth is: I couldn’t even make it if I tried. 😀

I started to make some sketches I’ll probably use as placeholders later…

Game Dev

Engine now toolkitable

To extend the engine’s content, now I just have to specify an assembly in the App.config of my engine and it will load the dll on the fly.
What does it mean so far ?
– I can create a new “toolkit” project with a reference to the engine core dll ;
– Then I add a simple class which inherits from my AI base class “AI_Script” ;
– I may override interesting methods (update, draw, and so on), use core functions;
– Add some fields with some attributes from the engine to make my AI class editable from the editor:
For example in a class using lights :

– Then I add the path of the new assembly to the config of the editor. Finally I launch it and I’m now able to instantiate the class through the editor, use it in levels and so on.

To make a parameter visible in the grid but not editable I could add the attribute [Editable(false)] to a field (the cell would be red instead of green).
The attribute [Description(“”)] is to display a tooltip which explains what the parameter is.

I forgot I added dynamic lights in the engine… It’s a cool stuff. I wish I could to do something nice with that.
Anyway, even if I don’t manage to complete a game with this project, it’s still interesting to work on it, so let’s continue.

Game Dev

Re-factoring is sooo boring, but it’s so important !

I’m digging in my engine code more and more and it’s a real pain to make changes !
I’m trying to make it toolkit-able  so that I can add some new core classes to the engine without even changing the engine itself.
It could be great if I intend to share the engine one day. People could add their classes to the engine (without being able to change it directly), and then they use it through the editor.
It’s important for me too because I realized it would be bad to change the engine directly only to make my roller game.

Well, let’s add that, and continue re-factoring.

In the other hand, I’m trying to make some design for my roller game… “Trying” huh ? Because so far, the only thing I know for sure is I’d like to make something twisted with a character with pink hair and rollers. Yeah right.

Game Dev

OrsCoL Lite !


I just submitted a Lite version of OrsCoL. It contains 5 levels in Arcade mode and 16 puzzles. And, what’s more ? It’s FREE !

It should be available on the app store in 7-8 days I guess.

I previously talked about a game I’ll probably work on with a friend. Well, since he’s busy right now we decided to start around end of  June.

Meanwhile I’m going to work on my 2D engine ! I’m glad, somehow.
Right now I’m doing a list of what could be changed. Well, I started this project more than 2 years ago, after I graduated, so I was just a newb. I learned so many things since then…
Even if the way my engine works is based on what I witnessed in the game industry, now, my technical knowledge make me able to make some interesting optimization through a significant re factoring.
So let’s make an ugrade, then let’s add some bezier curves every where ! I got some ideas to make my roller game easy to develop 🙂

Game Dev

Having Fun with FX

I added some FX from Mercury (Particle Fx engine) to my character run animation and added a gun and bullets.

Someone asked me if the actions were hard coded. Well, no, it’s not. I’m using the timeline I created before to add a movement to the animation (for example translation interpolation with two points or more). Then I just put it in the player “Action Bank”.

In addition you may use the timeline to trigger events or do rotations (with interpolation). Actually, at first this action editor’s purpose was only to make a tool to animate skeletons (which means I could do a character only based on skeleton animations too), but it’s useful for simple animations too.

Someone else asked me if I’m going to make a mario or megaman like game… No, I think I wont’t. Right now I’m just using megaman’s sprites cause I have nothing else to do some testing. 😦

But still, my engine and editor should help to make any kind of 2D game (plateformer, R-Type like shooters or Zelda like action/adventure games). I did some design for a plateformer, that’s why I’m testing plateform tools. I hope it won’t be too bad.

I should add a simple enemy in one of the next videos.

Game Dev

Dialog system almost done

Looks like I’m the worst when it comes to following my own planning ! I didn’t work on my editor last week-end and finally I did most of the work in the week. Since I’ll be off for 3 weeks starting Saturday (Holidays !! Yeah, I won’t code for 3 weeks… Strange…), I tried to finish some important tasks.

At first I wanted to do some generic methods to handle text display but in the end I just worked on dialogs… Here comes a little video to show how dialogs work right now. There are still some improvements to do and don’t pay attention to characters’ picture size or display style. It’s just a test. I tried to use different things I talked about but didn’t put in video (Level Event Manager, and so on). I’m sorry for the quality and resolution (4:3 instead of 16:9… fail).

By the way I used pictures from Guilty Gear cause I don’t have time to draw some placeholders right now. I’d like to avoid using other people works in my next videos but that’s kind of hard. But you should play Guilty Gear ! Play BlazBlue ! Play Hard Corps ! Well, that’s all I can do to make Arc System guys spare my humble life. I need to find someone cool enough to lend me some arts usable as placeholders ! The background is mine by the way… Speed painting rules.

You may also notice the frame rate is bad (~45-50), don’t worry, it’s due to the recording soft I’m using (CamStudio). I’m still at 60fps, hopefully……. With 3 pictures and some effects, it would be a shame if not…

I did a video on how does the particles engine work (based on Mercury) in my editor, but I’ll upload it tomorrow… I’m tiired.

Game Dev

TODO List 2

This weekend I’ll try to do :

– A custom State Machine to handle events in levels ; ~4h

– Methods to display texts / dialogs ; ~2-3h

– Methods to play sounds and musics in editor. ~2h

Then, that’s all, I’ll start a “demo”. My game concept is not good enough to start a real game. I’ll use some sprites from different games as placeholders and credit them. I can’t draw my own placeholders, it would take ages…

Looks cool, huh ?

Game Dev

New style !!

I’m done with my refactoring. But since I’m a bit lazy this week-end I’m working on some useless stuff.

I added a DockManager library to be able to set a convenient layout to my editor. Note that the Xna frame is not dockable ! Some people on the web gave different solutions to merge it into another form, but I didn’t found something fast enough to be worth wasting my time. In addition, I don’t really care, since I use two 22″ screens !! I can put the Xna frame on one screen and display the remaining tools on the other. Damn confortable 🙂

I also added an output form (bottom left) to display logs, and changed some colors. Yeah, cool…

Next step is Mercury integration, then damage system and events manager ! Does that mean I’ll be able to start a game really soon ?! Well, if I don’t get stuck with some boring issues, maybe.

DockPanel library :