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FX with Mercury

Here comes the other part of the previous video :

It shows how do I do to trigger FX based on Mercury (FX engine) with my state machines.

Mercury provides a stand alone application to create FX, then you just have to import the XML and images in your project, add some code, and then you get a nice particles engine. In the end, I already have two external engines added in mine : Krypton and Mercury.

I did  a loop for the example, but I could emit particles just once too. I just noticed a glitch in the video (at 2:28), don’t know why…

Well, I think I’m ready to start something nice. I’ll do some real demos when I’m back (July, the 3rd) to validate the whole thing and then, I’ll start this damn game ! Cool. 🙂

Mercury :

Game Dev

Movement Fx

Well it’s not a real Fx. It’s more like the usual alpha trick to create movements…

I added this feature to try the event on my timeline. Now I can add events to every actions to trigger a method. Here, the orange dot on the 2nd key frame activates the “movement effect”

I’m bored working on the editor. I’ll try to start working on the main part very soon. 🙂

Game Dev

Object Rotations

Man, I did some maths since I started this project !! I’ve got 3 papers on my desk filled with matrix and calculations… There is nothing really hard though.

I added rotations to my objects. It also means if an object rotates it’ll rotate its children. I just need to save rotations in my timeline and add a blend between two key frames and then I should be able to make this skeleton move :

(Red  arrow : local X axis ; Green arrow : local Y axis)

With such an animation editor I should be able to do complex animations with bones and scripted animations (such as falling objects without physic…).

I should be done with this part of the editor soon. Then I’ll work on the FX ! It should be cool.

To sum up, right now I have :

– Hierarchy
– Animation
– Collision detection
– Collision map creation
– Objects creation/edition
– Level editor
– Serialization

Enough to start a game I think… without sound and FX (shaders I mean… Since I could use animations).
But I’ll try to make my editor as complete as possible till end of march. I’ll start after that. Can’t wait ! 🙂

I’ll try to do some videos soon (while working on the FX).

Game Dev

First Shader !!

I saw some interesting effects in some games like Red Steel 2 (shock waves and so on). I tried to make something like that while learning how to code pixel shaders…

It took me ages, but looks interesting :

Should be cool with some explosion effects and particles !! 🙂