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About the next project

I’ve been working on it lately, then took a small break (promoting OrsCoL..) and now I’m back on track !

First of all, the main new thing I decided is I won’t ask for a graphist on this project either, after all.
I know what I want to achieve, and I know what I can/can’t do. And I won’t find a graphist with the same motivation as mine.
If it means the game won’t have awesome graphism or will take longer to make, it’s not a big deal. I do games for fun anyway.

In addition, it could be a great opportunity to train my drawing skills and learn even more stuff.

Before that, I still have lots of things to do to make my engine usable for the iOS version of the game but I’m confident about it.
I don’t intend to make a huge game so it should be ok.

Here comes the main character : (At least, a first version)

Actually, I just picked up one of the characters I created few years ago (see on the right side of the blog). Let’s call him “Volt”.
I look forward to seeing this character moving, jumping, dashing, and shooting !!! Well I said all the possible actions. Haha.

Now, let’s work !

Game Dev

Coding and doing some design !

Today I started to work on my editor to make some stuff reusable for my iOS project. Well, so far it’s going well.
I’m just doing some base classes in Objective-C anyway. But soon enough I’ll be sinking into tones of annoying issues for sure.

I took a break earlier to think about the design of the game. There’s nothing special to say about the gameplay.
It’ll be a Contra-like game most likely. The player will be able to run/shoot/jump/dash and activate things like elevators or doors. That’s all.
I don’t feel like making something original. Truth is: I couldn’t even make it if I tried. 😀

I started to make some sketches I’ll probably use as placeholders later…

Game Dev

Working on a new iOS game

My engine is a bit better now ! I’ll probably add a bezier curves editor and do some collision detection.

But I decided to put my roller game aside once more and focus on a new iOS game. Actually I didn’t intend to share the roller game in the first place.
And it would have been nice to make it using the engine. But since I still have my iOS licence for the moment, I felt like making a new game on iOS to share  isn’t bad either.
I could do a roller game on iOS though, but I got an other simple idea. Anyway, the design I did so far for the roller game is so bad it’s not worth spending time on it right now.

This said, it brings back old memories of when I got Jet Set Radio Future on Xbox ten years ago !! I loved it so much I started a game with rollers later on DS.
I named it “Rollerz” and I shared  a simple demo in 2008. You could only move the character, break, jump, touch the screen with the stylus to shoot and use a blade when drawing an arc with the stylus.
You may still find it on some homebrew websites (here for example). Since then I kept in mind this idea, so even if I postpone it again, I’ll definitely make this game one day using the same character.

So I’ll be coding 4-5 months to make a brand new game on iOS. It won’t be a puzzle game. And I’ll try to use my engine’s editor to make most of the data : level design, state machines, animations and so on. It’s based on XML files anyway. I could make it reusable for iOS spending some weeks. Then, I’ll make a proto with placeholders. I hope I’ll be able to find someone interested to work on the graph. Worst case I’ll do it myself, huh ? That’s the plan !

Note that I mentioned I should be working on a game with a friend starting end of June, huh ? Well, I don’t know yet what I’m going to say ! It’ll probably depend on how is evolving my own project.

One thing is sure… Right now : I’m coding.

Game Dev

OrsCoL submitted on iOS

I’m done… It was sooo long… But I did it !

I’m now waiting for the approval ! I heard it takes ~1 week. Well, just like on Windows Phone.

By the way, this version is faaar better than the Windows Phone one.
Really, I put some effort to do some extra devs and arts. And I used the Apple Game Center to add a leaderboard too, cool stuff.

I hope you’ll like it (if you try it, huh ?).

But now… What do I do ??! My old boring evenings are back ! I missed them…..
Well, at least, I won’t be fixing some bugs or complete features around 2AM.

I won’t be coding for 2-3 weeks and then I’ll start a new project probably. I’m not yet sure what it’ll be, but it won’t be a puzzle game.
Right now I still have 2 uncompleted but interesting projects :
– my 2D engine/editor : I tried it again earlier… I didn’t remember it was so cool. Really, I’m glad. I could make something nice if put some effort.
– my 2D plateform game with rollers : Well, I just did some design… And since it’s most likely a game for mobile I won’t be able to use my editor (for PC/Xbox360).

And a friend asked me to work with him on a small 3D project… It could be interesting and we could make a better game than I could on my own.
But if I don’t like the ideas, I won’t make it.

Well, I’ll see after my break…

See you soon on the App Store 🙂

Game Dev


OH YEAH ! I DID IT ! \o/

Ok, I still have to add some pic for the Retina version but all my picture are vector’ so it won’t be a real pain.

I did all the points I listed last month and I added 2 things :

– Some puzzles are now based on pictures… For example, an “easy” one :

– Now you unlock the skins you see in the “Arcade” mode and use them for the puzzle mode (not for the puzzle with images of course !)…

I still need at least 3 hours to complete my pic’ resolution update and then 2-3 hours to check and pack the whole thing before submission… I hope I’ll be able to submit at the end of the week.

I’ll upload a video soon… Probably. But it’s not my priority right now ! 🙂

Game Dev

Almost done ? Well…

At least I did the toughest part ! The 3 modes are now done !!

What I still have to do :

– Put the musics and sounds ;

– Add the achievements ;

– Add a leader board (using Game Center) ;

– Complete the tutorial ;

– Do the Credits page ;

I’ll need one evening for each I guess. I’ve been slacking off lately but I’m glad I didn’t stop !

Let’s put some effort to make this game cool enough to be proud 🙂

Game Dev

Work in progress !!

I’ve been working on the iPhone version for a while now…

I took a small break and I’m back to finish it ! Let’s say I did 70% of the game. Man, doing a game once is long, for sure…
Doing it twice is boring as hell and you always want to make it better. That’s why it’s taking so much time.

In addition, I got stuck doing some optim’ to make the game work fine on my iPod Touch (v2). I guess it would be faster on iPhone 3 or 4.

Anyway I did some changes to make the whole thing playable on my iPod so now it’s ok.

So far, I did new tiles, new traps (a friend told me the red cross was lame so I changed it into a rock), I added transitions in the menus. The arcade mode is done too (easy and crazy modes). Now, I just have to do the puzzle mode, the achievements and a leader board. Then, I’ll submit and work on something else.

Well… I’m not done yet.

Game Dev

Look and Feel

First post of the year ! Hm… I hope this year I’ll be able to make awesome games, play bass like Marcus Miller does, draw like Hyung Tae Kim does ! Only 3 hopes… Should be ok…
Well, I have to make it this year since this is the one and only year remaining, huh ? Happy new year 2012.

Even if I don’t make awesome things this year, at least, I’ll still be working on games the whole year… I already have so much to do and so little time to do it.

I’m still working on OrsCoL for iPhone. It’s really easy to code with xCode and Objective-C once you’re used to it. I’m doing some useless things right now like changing the look and feel.

I’m trying to make this version much more polished than the Windows Phone one. Since I did the game once, it would be a shame to just “translate” the code and re-size pictures.

I hope I’ll complete the iPhone version in 2 weeks. I did a little bet with a friend : I have to complete the game for January 21st ! At least, it gives some more motivation…

Game Dev

WP7 OrsCoL LITE certified

I submitted it last week ! Since my app is already going to disappear from the first pages (still selling 1-2 each day though), I did a LITE version. I removed some sounds, levels and puzzles to make it lighter and it’s free. I hope it’ll make more people buy discover the game. 🙂

The app is certified but not yet published in the marketplace… I guess they are working on it. Can’t wait to see if people like it. So far I had only 2 comments on the complete version (35 sells so far). One “5 stars” from someone I don’t know (cool), and same from a friend (haha).

I’m a bit stucked on my iPhone dev right now… Since my friend’s MacBook is running under OSX 10.5 Leopard I couldn’t install the latest version of xCode+iPhone SDK. I’ve been working using xCode 3.1.4 (the latest version I can put on Leopard). I wonder if I could upgrade the SDK and keep my xCode… But I’m bored and I won’t even try. I lost few days already to find a way to work on Leopard. And of course, I couldn’t find xCode 3.1.4 on Apple’s website. If I were to ask some Apple fanboys about it, they’d probably say : “Don’t look for some old crap, just pay to upgrade the OS or just buy a new MacBook and then just get the latest xCode, and just code”. Apple’s policy sucks. They want you to buy every single crap they make. And they know how to do it. It’s really hard to say but I’m going to buy a MacMini running under Lion. Ouch ! I said it ! It’s so painful ! I still hate Apple though. I’ll try to buy it this week. I’m not kidding, huh ? I already have my license and I hate struggling to get a comfortable dev env. Let’s make Apple glad to make one more victim… And I’ll sell it if I’m done with my dev and don’t need it anymore.

Game Dev

Starting to code the iPhone version

I’ve been reading a book about it, doing some tutorials, and so on the whole week.
I think I’m now ready to code OrsCoL once more from A to Z using Objective-C.

So far, Objective-C is really close to C (well, since it’s based on it, no big surprise, huh ?). Well there are some weird things though. For example, calling a method with parameters :

C# : this.setColor(255,255,255,255);

would become :

O-C : [self setColorR:255 V:255 B:255 A:255];

Well, once you used it once or twice you get the trick and even understand the reason they made it this way. Since you put the name of the parameters everywhere, it makes the code more readable. So it’s not that bad.

It’s a shame we can’t display the list of methods we can call on a specific object in XCode (unlike in Visual Studio I mean… Intellisense and so on). So, I’m using Google to make it easier, but it’s still annoying… Maybe I just don’t know how to do it ? Then, please tell me !!

Let’s code some more lines…
Oh, I forgot something ! I made a trial version of the Windows Phone version of OrsCoL. So if you’ve got a Windows Phone, try it and give me your feedback ! It’ll make the game even better 🙂