Game Dev

Wall climbing

As I mentioned in a previous post I’m thinking about adding some plateformer elements in the gameplay. I’m designing wall climbing, jumping, wall sliding (top to bottom) and maybe side wall riding. But all of them will be only  possible from dedicated locations. The player will have to tap on a “jump” icon or something as explicit.

Here is my wall climbing placeholder (polishing isn’t my priority at this stage..) :


The animation will be faster in the actual game.

My problem so far is it’s only about style and exploration (hiding a bonus on top of some rocks)… I have a hard time designing crossings with risks for the player since the crossing will be poorly scripted and driven by the animation.. You won’t have to aim nor have a good timing to succeed (in my current design). But I’m still working on it.

Game Dev

Shooting poses

I added some new positions to make some variation on the shooting sequences. So based on the direction the charcter is facing and where he wants to shoot, the animation may differ. It’s nothing much but I was already tired of the single animation I had so far.

Again, I’m not doing any polish at this stage. I need to move forward.

I’m now working on a combo mechanic. The idea is just to give the chance to the player to make more damages using specific sequences. Well, that’s most likely the definition of a combo, huh ?

Game Dev

Touch Gestures

I introduced the touch gestures to the project.

It’s now possible to use the tap to move the character and shoot (targeting a foe) and draw a diagonal left/right to trigger a sword slash. I didn’t do any polish in on the animation speeds nor the blendings (for transitions..) so it’s might seem a bit glitchy for now… But the main logic is there.

I’m thinking about making a small combo logic. But I think it’ll be for later.

I’ll now make some static targets and handle damages with the sword (it’s done for the gun).