Game Dev

Static gun shoot

Here comes the simple gun shoot animation, when the player isn’t moving. Based on the fire rate, the animation will play faster/slower in actual game…

I’m not doing any polish on the animations for now so it should be pretty fast to make some more.

Game Dev

Weapon bones

I just added bones for weapons in both hands.

Now I’ll do some fighting animations and then re-import the whole thing in Unity 🙂
I plan to make the following animations :
– Static gun shoot
– Run gun shoot
– Static sword slash right
– Static  sword slash left
– Static circular sword slash
– Static sword thrust
Once done, I’ll have all the animations I need for the main character.

Btw I made the character’s eyes even bigger… ‘Hope it gives him a better look !

Game Dev

New look

After some feedbacks, I changed the eyes. He probably looks less psycho… Somehow…
Darn, I can’t wait to get some gameplay done. Days are way too short.


Game Dev

Idle cycle

Very simple idle animation !


I will most likely play the animation slower in the actual game. But still, right now I had fun matching the foot rythm with some heavy metal songs. Give it a try with some Iron Maiden ! The gif has low frame rate (and is not looping properly) but you can let your imagination do the job !

Darn, would be awesome to have some heavy metal as background.. But I guess I’ll just make another casual game with some casual sounds 😐

I’m now designing the weapons of the character : a sword and a gun

Game Dev

Run cycle

Simple run animation.

I’m not focusing too much on the arms animation. Anyway, this character is for a mobile game so I don’t feel like spending time on polishing the moves.


Next steps : Idle animation + 2 simple weapons + 2 attack animations
And then I’ll be good to start properly !

Some friends keep on telling me this rabbit reminds them of Hitman due to his gloves and red tie. Darn, I didn’t realize until lately. I just tried to make a psycho looking rabbit though. Maybe I’ll do some other skins in a far future.