Character animations done !

I think I’m done with all the animations I require for the main character so far. There is one additional animation I started but it’s just a kid of bonus (it’s a 360° slash). I’ll add it afterward.

Static gun shoot

Here comes the simple gun shoot animation, when the player isn’t moving. Based on the fire rate, the animation will play faster/slower in actual game… I’m not doing any polish on the animations for now so it should be pretty fast to make some more.

Weapon bones

I just added bones for weapons in both hands. Now I’ll do some fighting animations and then re-import the whole thing in Unity 🙂 I plan to make the following animations : – Static gun shoot – Run gun shoot – Static sword slash right – Static  sword slash left – Static circular sword slash – Static sword…

New look

After some feedbacks, I changed the eyes. He probably looks less psycho… Somehow… Darn, I can’t wait to get some gameplay done. Days are way too short.

Idle cycle

Very simple idle animation ! I will most likely play the animation slower in the actual game. But still, right now I had fun matching the foot rythm with some heavy metal songs. Give it a try with some Iron Maiden ! The gif has low frame rate (and is not looping properly) but you can let your…

Run cycle

Simple run animation. I’m not focusing too much on the arms animation. Anyway, this character is for a mobile game so I don’t feel like spending time on polishing the moves. Next steps : Idle animation + 2 simple weapons + 2 attack animations And then I’ll be good to start properly ! Some friends keep…

Walk cycle

Here comes the first animation of the character ! I had fun animating the ears and the tie 🙂

Jay&Kay Holo Lens

Can’t wait to try this new MS gadget… Don’t miss the “Microsoft Build Developer Conference” !!