Game Dev

Level 1-2

As I previously mentioned, I decided to turn the level with the ladders into a level 1-3.

So here is the new Level 1-2:

It took me approx 4 mins to complete the level, taking into account I know everything about it… I guess it’s a decent time.

Let’s move to level 1-4.

Game Dev

Level Chooser

At first, I thought I would do the level chooser as a level map in 3D with some assets from the levels themselves. Yeah right. Truth is it would:

  • Add an extra scene navigation
  • Be bad for performances (if overloaded with assets)
  • Not bring much to the game
  • Take way to much time and effort

That being said, I still like the idea. It’s just it would require lots of time to make it nicely and have a proper navigation (with less clicks to reach a level).

So I decided to go with the cheap solution: level buttons!

Screenshot 2019-07-21 at 18.16.07.png

As you can tell each level’s rating is based on the goals to achieve. Each level will have different goals. But I think “Collect X golden coins” and “Free 3 rabbits” will be the most common.

Alright, I’ll now do sample level and see if the whole logic is properly working!

Game Dev

World Chooser

I’m currently working on the “world chooser”.

Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 11.28.28.png

Basically, each “world” contains a set of 10 levels. The first world will have the same theme as the tutorial and will take place in forest mainly. The percentage refers to the level of completion of the world. To have 100% you will have to get 3 stars to each of the 10 levels.

The character will appear on the world you last played.

Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 11.29.16.png

That’s pretty much it!

Let’s now make the level map for this first world.