Game Dev


I’m still adding some non-beat’em all mechanics…

The more I speak about such gameplay mechanics the more I feel like I should clarify something. The game will most likely be about ~80% of battles (enemy waves) and ~20% of exploration with platforms and mini games. So the main part of it is really about kicking some cat’s butts. I’m still designing the combos, super combos and weapons at the moment. Super combos, hopefully, should be the best part and will be illustrated with some 2D artworks on the forground. I can’t wait !

But waiting for some more precise battle rules I keep on implementing the parts I’m 100% certain to use. This “Laser trap” is an example.


I’ll soon add some switches that can activate/deactivate other AIs (opening doors, stopping a trap…). Here, moving the block in front of the laser is the solution.


I have more mini games ideas… I cannot wait to have the full list implemented !

Game Dev

Block Mini Game

I don’t remember mentioning it but I designed few mini games. Nothing crazy huh..? I’m only keeping design I can easily implement.

Here is the first of them : The block moving.


The current state is missing some texturing and FX, but it gives you an idea.

The goal is to move a block from a location to another. Once the location is reached it just triggers something (a door, a crossing…). I listed some ideas to make a great use of it.