Nexus 5 and dust..

I got 2 Nexus 5 already so far ! I sent back the first one because of dust under the screen…
And I got a new one with the same defect…….. Yeah, my luck is terrible…..
I’m going to ask for a replacement once more time… How annoying !

But looks like I’m not the only one : Check on reddit.com for example…

Without this defect, the phone is really great !


I hate UPS

Everytime they deliver me something I’m doomed !
They say “Deliver during the day” ! Which means it may be in the morning or at the end of the day !

They delivered me 3 things in 3 months :
First time, I was sleeping when they rang at the door early in the morning !
The second time I went out to buy something to eat, so the delivery failed !
This morning I was just having a shower !

Anyway, the most important thing is I got it 🙂