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I just found this page :

It brings back so many memories !!
If you got a linker, download it and play it.
I had so much fun coding it back then.
Now I think this game was really bad in terms of gameplay and design but still, it’s made with nothing but passion ! I like it. 🙂


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Done !! It’s done !! I just submitted my new puzzle game on the Android Market !
Well, I’m still waiting for the approval and actual validation but still, I’m glad I made it till there.

The name of the game is “Rubic”. Ok, again I’m not proud of my lack of imagination when it comes to naming things.
“Rubic” is of course inspired of the famous R. cube (both name and gameplay).

Just like I said in a previous post, Rubic is a “casual” version of OrsCoL taking some OrsCoL failures into account :
– it’s free
– its name is, let’s say, “not awful”
– it integrates social network (Facebook)
– it integrates advertisments (Google AdMobs)
– it’s graphically clean and simple
– it includes 80 puzzles at launch (and more to come)

Rubic_Home Rubic_Survival1Rubic_Survival2

Rubic_Puzzle1Rubic_Puzzle2 Rubic_Puzzle3

I’ll just wait to get some feedbacks on Android and then work on iOS if it really makes sense.

Anyway I’m using Unity so most of the work is done to get it working on iOS.
The only things remaining are linked to specific market places (in app purchases and so on).

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Merry Xmas & updates

Now I’m sure about it: Motivation is just like most of the things (and I didn’t say “girls”). If you can’t get some: just pay for it !
I just renewed my Apple developper license ! So now I have to do something good enough to prevent me from loosing even more money…

Last year the iOS OrsCoL sells just paid for the license, haha. But it was still a nice experience.
Next year I plan on completing my OrsCoL for iPad and a new iOS game.
I stopped the iPad version for the moment. It’s not fun at all. No, it’s boring !

So I’m working on my new game. I’m doing it slowly, but I’m doing it.

See you.


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Not dead yet ! [Again]

Hey guys !

I took a break and finally got all my Windows dev env removed when I decided (Oh, GOD!) to install Windows 8.
Well, truth is if I installed Windows 8 32b on my Windows 7 32b it would have worked smoothly.
BUT, I wanted to use all my Ram (32b is limited to 3go…) so I went for the 64b version.

So now I need to install Visual Studio, XNA, and so on before starting over.
Anyway, there’s no hurry 🙂

I’m removing the dust from my MacBook Pro to start porting OrsCoL on iPad.
I’ll try to take into account all the comments iPhone players sent so that I can make it even better.

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Hey, I’m not dead.. yet

It’s been a while since my last post. But don’t worry (be happy..), I won’t stop posting useless stuff here and there…

By the way I hope you’re one of the 50k+ players who got OrsCoL on iOS ! If you are one of them, don’t hesitate to let me know if something could be updated !
If you’re not one of them yet, it’s not too late, huh ?

Some players noticed the 48th puzzle (III-12) was impossible to solve ! I’m sorry about it ! It’s fixed now and the new update should be available soon !

I also added 16 new puzzles which means there are 64 puzzles in the game now ! 🙂

This one is probably my favorite :

I hope you’ll enjoy !

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OrsCoL running on iOS emulator

Note that the sound is from the microphone and the track pad got recorded as well. 😦

You may notice some changes in this version !
I added some things, thanks to friends who gave me some ideas (Julie and Marc  especially), such as :
– an additional slot  for bonuses ;
– big squares give more points ;
– viruses stops while animations are playing ;
– combo bonus when squares are destroyed just after they felt ;
– some levels colors changed (level 6 for example was mixing green and light green which was a bit confusing).

The update is now submitted !
Once it’s validated, I’ll try to make some advertisement to make some people try at least the Lite version.

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OrsCoL Lite !


I just submitted a Lite version of OrsCoL. It contains 5 levels in Arcade mode and 16 puzzles. And, what’s more ? It’s FREE !

It should be available on the app store in 7-8 days I guess.

I previously talked about a game I’ll probably work on with a friend. Well, since he’s busy right now we decided to start around end of  June.

Meanwhile I’m going to work on my 2D engine ! I’m glad, somehow.
Right now I’m doing a list of what could be changed. Well, I started this project more than 2 years ago, after I graduated, so I was just a newb. I learned so many things since then…
Even if the way my engine works is based on what I witnessed in the game industry, now, my technical knowledge make me able to make some interesting optimization through a significant re factoring.
So let’s make an ugrade, then let’s add some bezier curves every where ! I got some ideas to make my roller game easy to develop 🙂

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Get OrsCoL from your AppStore already !

OrsCoL is on sale since last friday ! You may find it there :

Now, I need to find a way to do some advertisement to prevent my game from disappearing already !
It’s really hard to make people know your creations. Well, at least, the self-satisfaction you get once you complete something is great !

I’m still thinking about the game I’ll do next…

But this week I’ll be working on something really easy to code for a contest. I need to submit the entry by the end of the week.
A friend asked me to work with him. Well, we don’t have to make a demo but I’ll try to make one. I know I said I wouldn’t code for 2-3 weeks…
But we just have one week to submit something…

Here is a first pic :

Maybe you guessed what it’s about already, huh ?

Let’s make some game design and a proto !

And don’t forget :

Tell your friends it’s the best game you ever played to. Haha. And don’t forget to rate it ! 🙂


OrsCoL running on iPod

Here comes a picture of OrsCoL running on my iPod :


I’ve been playing the game for hours lately but I couldn’t beat my high score (986000 points). I wonder if someone could reach 1 million. It’s not easy… Really ! Thanks to the leaderboard, if some people try OrsCoL, I might be able to see if someone is stronger than me, playing my own game…

On the pic you may see some papers… I found only few (since I destroyed most of them), but I used to testing the game in the train in the morning and evening (going to work and on my way back) and every time I got ideas I put it on a post-it I stick on my screen at home. Then it’s like planning what I need to do or fix once I’m back from work. Useful !