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OrsCoL Lite !


I just submitted a Lite version of OrsCoL. It contains 5 levels in Arcade mode and 16 puzzles. And, what’s more ? It’s FREE !

It should be available on the app store in 7-8 days I guess.

I previously talked about a game I’ll probably work on with a friend. Well, since he’s busy right now we decided to start around end of  June.

Meanwhile I’m going to work on my 2D engine ! I’m glad, somehow.
Right now I’m doing a list of what could be changed. Well, I started this project more than 2 years ago, after I graduated, so I was just a newb. I learned so many things since then…
Even if the way my engine works is based on what I witnessed in the game industry, now, my technical knowledge make me able to make some interesting optimization through a significant re factoring.
So let’s make an ugrade, then let’s add some bezier curves every where ! I got some ideas to make my roller game easy to develop 🙂

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Get OrsCoL from your AppStore already !

OrsCoL is on sale since last friday ! You may find it there :

Now, I need to find a way to do some advertisement to prevent my game from disappearing already !
It’s really hard to make people know your creations. Well, at least, the self-satisfaction you get once you complete something is great !

I’m still thinking about the game I’ll do next…

But this week I’ll be working on something really easy to code for a contest. I need to submit the entry by the end of the week.
A friend asked me to work with him. Well, we don’t have to make a demo but I’ll try to make one. I know I said I wouldn’t code for 2-3 weeks…
But we just have one week to submit something…

Here is a first pic :

Maybe you guessed what it’s about already, huh ?

Let’s make some game design and a proto !

And don’t forget :

Tell your friends it’s the best game you ever played to. Haha. And don’t forget to rate it ! 🙂


OrsCoL running on iPod

Here comes a picture of OrsCoL running on my iPod :


I’ve been playing the game for hours lately but I couldn’t beat my high score (986000 points). I wonder if someone could reach 1 million. It’s not easy… Really ! Thanks to the leaderboard, if some people try OrsCoL, I might be able to see if someone is stronger than me, playing my own game…

On the pic you may see some papers… I found only few (since I destroyed most of them), but I used to testing the game in the train in the morning and evening (going to work and on my way back) and every time I got ideas I put it on a post-it I stick on my screen at home. Then it’s like planning what I need to do or fix once I’m back from work. Useful !

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OrsCoL submitted on iOS

I’m done… It was sooo long… But I did it !

I’m now waiting for the approval ! I heard it takes ~1 week. Well, just like on Windows Phone.

By the way, this version is faaar better than the Windows Phone one.
Really, I put some effort to do some extra devs and arts. And I used the Apple Game Center to add a leaderboard too, cool stuff.

I hope you’ll like it (if you try it, huh ?).

But now… What do I do ??! My old boring evenings are back ! I missed them…..
Well, at least, I won’t be fixing some bugs or complete features around 2AM.

I won’t be coding for 2-3 weeks and then I’ll start a new project probably. I’m not yet sure what it’ll be, but it won’t be a puzzle game.
Right now I still have 2 uncompleted but interesting projects :
– my 2D engine/editor : I tried it again earlier… I didn’t remember it was so cool. Really, I’m glad. I could make something nice if put some effort.
– my 2D plateform game with rollers : Well, I just did some design… And since it’s most likely a game for mobile I won’t be able to use my editor (for PC/Xbox360).

And a friend asked me to work with him on a small 3D project… It could be interesting and we could make a better game than I could on my own.
But if I don’t like the ideas, I won’t make it.

Well, I’ll see after my break…

See you soon on the App Store 🙂

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OH YEAH ! I DID IT ! \o/

Ok, I still have to add some pic for the Retina version but all my picture are vector’ so it won’t be a real pain.

I did all the points I listed last month and I added 2 things :

– Some puzzles are now based on pictures… For example, an “easy” one :

– Now you unlock the skins you see in the “Arcade” mode and use them for the puzzle mode (not for the puzzle with images of course !)…

I still need at least 3 hours to complete my pic’ resolution update and then 2-3 hours to check and pack the whole thing before submission… I hope I’ll be able to submit at the end of the week.

I’ll upload a video soon… Probably. But it’s not my priority right now ! 🙂

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Almost done ? Well…

At least I did the toughest part ! The 3 modes are now done !!

What I still have to do :

– Put the musics and sounds ;

– Add the achievements ;

– Add a leader board (using Game Center) ;

– Complete the tutorial ;

– Do the Credits page ;

I’ll need one evening for each I guess. I’ve been slacking off lately but I’m glad I didn’t stop !

Let’s put some effort to make this game cool enough to be proud 🙂

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Look and Feel

First post of the year ! Hm… I hope this year I’ll be able to make awesome games, play bass like Marcus Miller does, draw like Hyung Tae Kim does ! Only 3 hopes… Should be ok…
Well, I have to make it this year since this is the one and only year remaining, huh ? Happy new year 2012.

Even if I don’t make awesome things this year, at least, I’ll still be working on games the whole year… I already have so much to do and so little time to do it.

I’m still working on OrsCoL for iPhone. It’s really easy to code with xCode and Objective-C once you’re used to it. I’m doing some useless things right now like changing the look and feel.

I’m trying to make this version much more polished than the Windows Phone one. Since I did the game once, it would be a shame to just “translate” the code and re-size pictures.

I hope I’ll complete the iPhone version in 2 weeks. I did a little bet with a friend : I have to complete the game for January 21st ! At least, it gives some more motivation…