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Goodbye Rubic, Hello Shuffle !

As I explained in my previous post, I lately worked on a new version of my previous mobile game “Rubic”.

Actually, this new game is just the puzzle mode from Rubic. I did some refactoring and refreshed a bit the whole look and feel ! I named this new game “Shuffle”.

Each level is a different puzzle. You first have to memorize the shape and then reproduce it using vertical/horizontal moves (a bit like in a 2D Rubick’s cube). If you forgot the original shape, you can still check it twice during the game.

I just submited it to the Apple Store and I’m now waiting for their review. It should be available in few days for free ! I have some contacts who should be able to advertize it for me then. Let’s wait and see ūüôā

The Android version will be released only if feedbacks are good on iOS.

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Coming soon : Rubic 2

I’m taking a break on my rabbit project. It’s not that I don’t want to finish it, huh ? It’s my most important project right now (beside illustrating a book and designing a beer logo, haha).

It’s just I have to re-publish old games I did as soon as possible ! It’s a bit too early for me to explain you why. But basically, I’ll try to earn money with them, again ! BUT, this time I have some people to help… Let’s wait and see.

First project to come out of its grave is Rubic. I’ll rename it into “Color Blox” or some other random stuff. But for now I’m just refactoring and giving it a new look.


Well, I hope it won’t take me more than a month to release this new version… Good luck myself !

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Rubic recycling

Today I started designing door mechanisms for my game. There will be moments where you’ll have to find a switch to open a given door to continue your adventure. At some point I thought a basic switch would make it way¬†too boring if repeated. I also plan ot use¬†some other ways to open doors such as this block moving mini game I showed before.

But the most interesting idea I had today is probably the recycling of Rubic, my previous game. It was a minimalist game I coded for fun with just one hand. LOL. True story. But it was nothing like a stupid challenge… I did that on sick leaves after breaking my wrist. Hahaha. Anyway, this game was a failure. It didn’t have any economic model, and while I managed to get some advertisments¬†for OrsCoL (another puzzle game), I did nothing for Rubic. Plus I released it on Android only and I guess only my close friends played it.

It got nice reviews (even if few) and I do really like this basic game nonetheless.

Since the whole thing is already implemented and working, I’m thinking to integrate that as a puzzle game to open doors. Sound great to me and the cost of it is almost 0 since I did this game with Unity as well. Even with Unity 5 it’s still up and running. And if I manage to get this rabbit game on the market I’ll re-release a version of Rubic as well I guess. But for now, just integrating it would be great enough.

Well, I added that to my ever-growing backlog… Awesome.




It’s been a while, but I’m still active behind the scene, huh ? I was just to lazy to add new posts.
But after some talks here and there I’m convinced by the necessity to keep going !

I’ve been planing to work with a friend on a game lately. I brought the little concept, we talked about it, enjoyed the ideas, and finally started the code. But after few days/weeks/months it looks like the motivation of my¬†teammate isn’t up to my expectations. So, instead of waiting for him, I decided to move on to my own next project.

Talking about updates… I’m working on a patch for Rubic’s sharing features and an upgrade of levels for the puzzle mode.
Any suggestion is welcome.


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Done !! It’s done !! I just submitted my new puzzle game on the Android Market !
Well, I’m still waiting for the approval and actual validation but still, I’m glad I made it till there.

The name of the game is “Rubic”. Ok, again I’m not proud of my lack of imagination when it comes to naming things.
“Rubic” is of course inspired of the famous R. cube (both name and gameplay).

Just like I said in a previous post, Rubic is a “casual” version of OrsCoL taking some OrsCoL failures into account :
– it’s free
– its name is, let’s say, “not awful”
Рit integrates social network (Facebook)
– it integrates advertisments (Google AdMobs)
– it’s graphically clean and simple
– it includes 80 puzzles at launch (and more to come)

Rubic_Home Rubic_Survival1Rubic_Survival2

Rubic_Puzzle1Rubic_Puzzle2 Rubic_Puzzle3

I’ll just wait to get some feedbacks on Android and then work on iOS if it really makes sense.

Anyway I’m using Unity so most of the work is done to get it working on iOS.
The only things remaining are linked to specific market places (in app purchases and so on).