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Level 10!

Alright, level 10 is complete!!

I still have to make a bit of polish to have a proper introduction of the boss and a proper death. Here it’s clearly cheap.

Anyway, it’s ok to do some playtest from that I guess.

Overall, I think this game is ok-ish. It still lacks a soul though. I feel like there is nothing fancy about it! But I still have to finish it and let players juge it.

I’m also working on some sketches to advertise the game…

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

I’ll try to do many like this one.



Clearing some hard drives, I found another sketch I made when I was imagining some games years back. This one is from 2007.


It brings back old memories ! Darn. The game was supposed to tell the story of a guy leaving his tribe to discover the world ridding on a rhino. End of the scenario !

Now that I see this picture I think I’ve been playing Donkey Kong too much back then. Do you remember Donkey Kong Country ?? That’s one of the best platformer game, right ? šŸ™‚

Game Dev


I lately added NPCs to my overall design. After getting someĀ chats with friends testing my game, I’ve been convinced adding some story telling, even really cheap, could give a nice vibeĀ to the experience.

At this stage, the goal is just to have NPCs for tutorials. The game will require tutorials to learn how to move, how to shoot, how to use the sword, how to jump, how to trigger super attacks and so on. Having characters explaining that just makes it somehow interactive.

Once tutorials are covered, I’ll probably reuse the same NPCs in different places (inside of actual levels), but that’s not a priority nor even a necessity.

I’ll start by modeling this rabbit who will have 3 different textures to make 3 different NPCs :

Code name “Din” is a NPC acting as a martial art disciple


I’m now starting sketching and modeling my first enemies !

At the moment I’m doing the 3D model of the following one :

Super Ball Cat

It’s not a regular enemy, it’s a boss. Yeah, my first enemy is a boss. Yeah. YEAH !
I felt like starting with some interesting AI. I already have placeholders for basicĀ enemies. I wanted something different and more challenging to play with right now ! I’m my own boss anyway, I do whatever I want šŸ™‚

I plan to re-use bosses after their first apparition as simple enemies (or “mini bosses”).

ThreeĀ other enemies are in design process. Sounds good so far ! Can’t wait to get the whole thing in 3D and moving !