A sketch for a boss requested by Chunky :


Chunky wanted a boss firing guided projectiles.

Few things about how I’d imagine the AI :
– It’s a flying machine : moving up and down (few centimeters up, then down smoothly) -> shadow growing and shrinking on the ground accordingly
– Rotating arm to aim
– The pilot press a button before the action is triggered. Different sounds for the different actions (punch or rocket)

If you like it Chunky I’ll make some colored vector animation spritesheets next week.

If other people need assets for non-commercial games, tell me. I’ll help if I can and if I have the time to.

Game Dev

I’m back !

Hey guys !
I’m back from holidays and I’m already working on my project !
Actually, last week I didn’t even try to code a single line. It’s quite hard to keep the motivation up after 3 weeks of fun !
Now, I made up my mind and I should be working seriously once more !

Right now I’m doing some sprites for the monsters.

Game Dev


I’m almost done with refactoring (some parts are still horrible though). But the code looks cleaner !

I stopped my refactoring to add a little feature to the editor (and engine) : hierarchy. You can now attach an object to another one if they should be moving together and so on (Father node moves its childs).

Example :

Right now I’m working on the rotations. Then, using my animation timeline, hierarchy and rotation, I wonder if I will be able to make something like an animated stick-man. Well, I should…

PS : the sprites used in my tests are made in photoshop with brushes found here and there on the Internet. I’m not the creator and I won’t be using those brushes in any game.