Chunck – WIP 2

This one is just an illustration of the boss. The whole thing is vector. Now working on animations.

Chunk – WIP

The sprites are Work In Progress… At least, I’m almost done doing the vector. Right now, I’m starting to work with a friend on a concept for a little game. I hope we’ll make it real.


A sketch for a boss requested by Chunky : Chunky wanted a boss firing guided projectiles. Few things about how I’d imagine the AI : – It’s a flying machine : moving up and down (few centimeters up, then down smoothly) -> shadow growing and shrinking on the ground accordingly – Rotating arm to aim –…

I’m back !

Hey guys ! I’m back from holidays and I’m already working on my project ! Actually, last week I didn’t even try to code a single line. It’s quite hard to keep the motivation up after 3 weeks of fun ! Now, I made up my mind and I should be working seriously once more…


I’m almost done with refactoring (some parts are still horrible though). But the code looks cleaner ! I stopped my refactoring to add a little feature to the editor (and engine) : hierarchy. You can now attach an object to another one if they should be moving together and so on (Father node moves its childs)….