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Level 10!

Alright, level 10 is complete!!

I still have to make a bit of polish to have a proper introduction of the boss and a proper death. Here it’s clearly cheap.

Anyway, it’s ok to do some playtest from that I guess.

Overall, I think this game is ok-ish. It still lacks a soul though. I feel like there is nothing fancy about it! But I still have to finish it and let players juge it.

I’m also working on some sketches to advertise the game…

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

I’ll try to do many like this one.

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Level 9 completed

I just completed the level 9!! Yeah!

Ok, it was easier to build than previous levels since it’s just a patchwork of everything but still I feel like it’s the most enjoyable of the levels. It has real tough fights 🙂

One more level and it will be good enough for a beta and gather some feedbacks.
Still, before the beta I will have to integrate sounds all over the place!

The level 10 should be quick to make. It will be a Boss. I’m thinking about using a “heavy charger cat” for that… It should do the job (Heavy Charger Cat).


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Level 8 completed!

I just finished the level 8!

Well, it’s nothing fancy and I need to do some polish but it should be ok for now…

This is the second part of the level:


It’s introducing the “password doors”. In level 7, we had to wait for the NPC to unlock some doors. Here the main character needs to find a code to open it. Since it’s the first appearance, the code is right next to the door, but in future levels the code will be in a remote location.

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 00.52.25.png
This board will share precious informations such as passwords
Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 00.53.10
Memorise the password
Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 00.55.13.png
Find a monitor and enter the password

Two more levels to go before a Beta!!

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Level 7 completed!

I just finished the level 7! It was quite a challenge since it came with a new gameplay (NPC protection) and quite some scripted events. The result is ok-ish, but I think it’s way too long. I’ll need to get some feedback to see if it needs to be split.

Anyway, here it is:

Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 01.20.10
Main computer

In this level, the mecha will make its first apparition but the player will have to destroy it. It won’t be possible to pilot it before the 2nd world (after the 10th first levels).

3 more levels to go before I do a bit of proper sound integration and before the Beta.

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Level 7 Part 2 – WIP

I’m now working on the part 2 of the level 7. It’s basically the inside of the laboratory.
In there I will introduce the robot crawlers and some of the traps (such as flame thrower).

Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 00.30.27
Down to the lab!

The crawlers are used as “security guards” in this part of the level and the player will mainly face those inside the lab.

Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 01.04.29
Crawlers are dangerous!

In this level, I’m trying to be more cautious to the lights and shadows. I made big shadows that will be visible on rocks here and there. Having the other character following the player reminds me of Rayman in some places.

Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 00.41.44

Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 00.57.58
Flame thrower and shadows in the background

The player will have to run when the flame thrower is holding fire. It will be a bit tricky since he is followed by another character. But I’ll see.

As I said previously, the story of the game is nothing fancy but I’ll still add here and there some scripted scenes to give a bit of background to the characters (like in level 4). The level 7 will reveal few things about our rabbits. Again, nothing fancy. It’ just to give a meaning to the quest!

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Level 7 Part 1

Level 7 is a bit different from the previous one. It’s the first level where the player is not “alone” and followed by a fellow rabbit (AI). This NPC (Non Player Character) has to be protected by the player. In the future I intend to have some characters fighting alongside but this one is simply following and taking hits. If he dies, it’s a game over.

Screenshot 2020-06-14 at 01.18.22
Protect your friend!
Screenshot 2020-06-14 at 01.48.04
He will follow you everywhere!

In this first part, the NPC will open the door to the next part by accessing a terminal. In future levels, I’ll problaby reuse this terminal so the player has to enter a password found in the level to proceed further.

Screenshot 2020-06-14 at 01.20.03

So far I decided to make the NPC sensitive to the player’s attacks. But it makes it quite tricky to fight and protect at the same time. It’s really not an easy level. But I’ll keep it as it is and wait for Beta’s feedback.

Did I mention it? I’ll be doing a closed Beta to gather feedbacks when I reached Level 10.
If anybody is interested, please send me a private message.

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Level 6 completed!

Alright.. I’m done with the level 6 as well. It took me less than 3 days to complete. It shows that I’m more and more aware of the tools and of the process of level creation itself. And it could have been even faster if I didn’t have to do a tutorial there.
I’m quite happy of the result:

Level 6 – Part 1
Level 6 – Part 2

The part 2 is slightly shorter in terms of exploration due to the fact the tutorial takes some time to complete.

Enter a caThe teacher has to be an asshole
Learning how to use the Super Attacks

I can now put red boxes as the one on the previous screenshot here and there in levels so the player can use the Super Attacks. It also means I will be able to do harder battle waves.

Four more levels to go before I start integrating some sounds. Then I’ll tweak the prices and stats of the item in customisation menu. And finally, I’ll start the Beta. I can’t wait!!

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Level 5 completed

I completed the level 3 days before.
It’s not the best level but it gives a bit of fresh air.

The level features the first boss of the game. It’s an easy one… But I’m still happy things are getting live.

Damage ship after you won

Also this level introduces the Super Attacks and the perks. But I didn’t want to have tutorial about this here because this level is just for fun. It’s possible to finish it without understanding those things. The Super Attacks will be properly explained in the level 6.

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In-game Challenges

I think I mentioned it in a previous post, but I wanted to add some in-game challenges you could find in levels to unlock some rewards. Here it is:

Green Golem as the one showed in the video will be dedicated to “dexterity” challenges, while red Golems will be for fight challenges. It will trigger battle harder battle waves than in the level itself.

Note: i didn’t make the mesh (I found it on the asset store). I just made its avatar for the dialogs.

Challenges reward will give diamonds only the first time they are unlocked. When re-playing the level rewards will be downgraded to extra coins or other in-game perks.

This feature was quite easy to complete, considering it’s leveraging on the dialog system I made before, the destructibles and random event listeners I have on various scripts that only require configuration in the editor. I mainly had to add the timed sequence, some teleportations, the dialogs to accept the challenge and give the reward, and finally the storing of the challenge state in player’s data. Piece of cake! 🍰

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Level 1-2

As I previously mentioned, I decided to turn the level with the ladders into a level 1-3.

So here is the new Level 1-2:

It took me approx 4 mins to complete the level, taking into account I know everything about it… I guess it’s a decent time.

Let’s move to level 1-4.