Game Dev

Controls selection menu

Following the introduction of the new controls, it’s now possible to switch from one control mode to another.

I made 3 modes:

  • Joysticks: From now on, it’s the default one
  • Hybrid: Joystick to move, gestures for anything else. I think I would play with this one…
  • Gestures: Old one!

The controls mode selection is accessible from the Pause menu.

As we see on the picture, changing the mode can even be done in the middle of the tutorial. The tutorial will change accordingly.

I’m currently doing the tutorial animations for the joysticks mode.

I still need to make some other part of the gameplay compatible with that such as the Mecha and the block moving mini game. It’s a pain but I’ll probably do that after work another day or on the weekend!

Game Dev

New controls and combo mechanics!

Alright, most of the early reviews of the game show people really don’t fancy the controls.
To be honest, after playing so many hours with gestures, I really have a hard time on some levels playing with sticks. But still, here are the sticks:


  • Left stick for Movements
  • Right stick for gun Gun. The gun is a stick because you can shoot while moving

Other buttons:

  • Sword button: The gestures enabled you to choose which sword direction to do. But here tap multiple times on the button to do right, left, top-down, thrust (thrust pushes the enemy backward)
  • Dash button: Will be de-activated if the stamina bar is empty
  • Combo buttons: From this version onward, only 2 combos will be selectable before level starts. As of today there are only 3 combos but more are already designed and will be integrated later. One of the advantages of the gestures here was to allow multiple combos based on real gesture combinations. But buttons make it readable, for sure! The combos are also consuming the stamina so same as the dash, you can’t trigger a combo if you have no more stamina!

A new menu has been created to unlock and select combos. Following these new changes, I decided to lock the aerial combo by default. Sorry for that.

The update I’m preparing is not just about the controls by the way. This version will be named 2.0 due to the number of updates.

So here are the changes to come:

  • Choice of controls: Buttons (will become by default: a warning prompt will be displayed for people who already started the game), hybrid (move with joystick, everything else with gesture), full gestures (I’ll still keep it!)
  • Combo choice (2 max)
  • 1st chapter enemies are being updated: Classic cat life reduced (1 instead of 3), classic cats will run (instead of walk), more spawns to have dynamic fights from level 1!
  • 2 types of enemies removed: Enemies requiring specific combos are not compatible with the choice of combos mentioned before. Also, they were quite hard to deal with, even for me… So let’s get rid of those for now!
  • Swords are updated: First sword is now faster so you can enjoy a bit more the first fights!
  • Level 1 gets some styling update (water and mountains). Level 2 will get the same updates soon.
  • Story telling: The introduction story may differ a bit. It will be a bit more polished and come with some more jokes, hopefully.
  • Number of starting stamina increased (from 1 to 2)
  • New upgrades: Mentioned in the previous post (speed, shield).
  • Minor bug fixes in customization menu.

Game Dev

Weapons on Home screen

Well… After I wrote the previous post, I started to think about the home and the weapons that were not reflecting the player’s inventory… It was really not a problem but the more I was thinking about it, the more I wanted to change it. So it’s done!

Here is my customized character:

And here is the home screen:

Alright, tomorrow I’ll work on the app icon and the trailer!

Game Dev

Home menu polish

I did some polish on the home menu. So here is the last look and feel.

  1. The title

I’ll release the game under the name “Cat Killer”. I mentioned it before but at some point I felt like changing. It may seem a bit aggressive and killing cats is obviously a bad thing. But honestly, I could not care less so I stopped thinking about it. Still, other candidates were “Cat Slayer” and “Killer Kills”. Right, I didn’t have much imagination there anyway.

2. Single Player Screen

Right after the Title Screen, the single player screen is displayed.

From there the player can access to the levels (“Start”) or to the training room (“Training”). On this screenshot there is also a reset button. It’s only for my testing. It allows me to clear the saved data (Unity’s PlayerPrefs) and thus reset the game by launching the Tutorial scene. It’s convenient especially when I’m testing on iOS. On Android it’s quite easy to clear an app cache while on iOS it seemed to me the only option was to uninstall the app and re-install it… If there was any other option, Apple didn’t make it obvious!! Crazy.

The rabbit displayed there reflects the clothes and the colour from the player’s customization. The sword and the gun though are always the same. I will probably spawn the actual weapons in the future. It’s just I didn’t feel like attaching the gun muzzle to the gun barrels programmatically. To put it simply: I was lazy. Right.

3. Online

Well the first version of the game won’t be released with any multiplayer mode. But I implemented the whole thing using Photon Pun, so it should be almost ready for that. To be honest in the past months I didn’t test this anymore since last time.

I plan to get back to it only if reviews are good!

4. More

Well, that’s pretty much where I put everything left: audio configuration, store, contact, credits… Probably more coming later.

That’s it!

Game Dev

Perk Description

I know I should stop doing features!! But I wanted to do this for some time now. And it was really fast thanks to all the work I did previously in the customization menu. Btw, I think building the customization of the character was the most boring task I did on the game. It took ages and I had to get familiar with dynamic texturing and so on. Still, here comes a new addition to the customization menu.

As I already mentioned that when working on the perks (= basically bonus/penalty on player stats), all the masks have positive perks while most of the weapons will have negative perks. The only thing was that you had to know what was the meaning of the perk icons:

Here the red one is reducing the cost of the Super attacks while the green one is increasing your life. Now touching the perk will show a description. That’s a simple addition I know, but I think it’s a nice one.

Game Dev

Audio configuration

Another addition of the day is the configuration of the audio.

It’s now possible to activate effects and music. I sometimes played the game listening to other musics and still wanted to have the SFX played so I wanted this feature badly. So here it is.

From the home menu, in the “More” section, the two buttons on the top left allow you to activate/deactivate all sounds or only the music.

It’s also possible to change this in game through the Pause menu.

To disable all sounds, it’s really simple. You just have to change the static volume value from the AudioListener class! It’s like a master volume.

AudioListener.volume = 0f;

To handle the muting of the music, I used a class I created to manage the musics (fade from scene and so on), so it was easy and didn’t require me to go through different scenes (they all use the same default prefabs).

Let’s now make a game icon and then prepare the trailer!

Game Dev


Since I’m done with the actual content of the game I spent the day working on the monetization.

The plan is really basic. I don’t know if it will work but, here it is:

  • Diamonds Store: The player can pay to get more diamonds
  • Level end: The player can watch an ad to get diamonds as a reward
  • Daily Reward: There are daily rewards but you need to watch a video to claim

That’s it. Then I hope the growing difficulty of the game will force the player to watch more videos or pay!!

  1. Diamonds Store

This screen is accessible from the home and from the customization screen (when trying to purchase something you can’t afford!).

I have to say I did all the screens quite fast so it’s really minimalist but I guess it will do the trick for now.

Behind the scene, I’m using Unity IAP service:
It gives a good abstraction for iOS and Android in-app purchase systems. The screenshot above shows $0.01 for each item because I was testing in the Editor (not iOs nor Android) so this is a placeholder value. I’m currently preparing a sandbox to test on iOS (some issues to troubleshoot with my account…). But basically the prices will be : $2, $3, $5, $10

2. Rewarded Video on level end

When finishing a level, the total of coins gathered is converted into diamonds and added to the diamonds from the completed goals (50 per goal). Note you can get the goals’ diamonds only once. Most of the time, finishing a level and its 3 goals will give ~160-200 diamonds.

But it’s possible to watch a video to double this amount of diamonds. The whole point is to give meaning to the video as part of the whole game experience.

The bonus button is at the bottom.

3. Daily Rewards

It’s a common thing nowadays so I made one screen for that as well. It will be accessible only after the user completes one level.

The button is on the bottom left on the main screen. It will be bouncing when there is a reward to fetch.

Again, the UI is basic and quickly made. It’s even based on a prefab of the Store! Most of the time the rewards are on 5 days. Here it’s on 4. The main reason is that I was bored to change the layout. But I think it’s fine this way.

As you can see, the user needs to watch a video to claim his reward. I know it might be a pain but I did that for 2 reasons: My implementation here is easy to exploit and I still want to have some people watching videos!!

On the 4th day the box is simply triggering the same kind of reward as when you get 3 stars on a level. So on the 4th connection day, you could get crap or an expensive item. On the 5th day, the whole thing is repeated (forever).

That’s it. I won’t force the player to watch videos nor buy items… But I hope he will!!!

Game Dev

Level 3-10: The boss

I just finished the boss for this last level of the Third chapter. I feel like it’s the end of the journey already!
I won’t do other levels if the feedbacks for the game are bad, so maybe it’s simply the final boss of the game 🙂

The boss is a shaman I introduced in an older post, so there is nothing new! I just made some more animations and polished a bit his AI.

I wanted to make it a bit more “bossy” with a variety of attacks and some patterns to identify. It’s probably the enemy that is the closest to how I see bosses. It’s not an enemy I can easily recycle in other levels.

The shaman can basically:

  • Spawn other enemies (stronger enemies when his life gets low)
  • Throw fire balls
  • Use a laser beam
  • Teleport (only when not doing one of the previous actions)

The sequence gets changed when the boss has less than 30% of life. From that moment, the laser beam will be used often. The trick is to use the rocks to find a shelter. But doing so you can’t hit the boss, right?

It should be good enough to stop making levels!

I didn’t post the level 3-9, I’m probably a bit bored. But anyway it’s just another level with cats and spiders to kill. Nothing fancy.