Game Dev

Level Chooser

At first, I thought I would do the level chooser as a level map in 3D with some assets from the levels themselves. Yeah right. Truth is it would:

  • Add an extra scene navigation
  • Be bad for performances (if overloaded with assets)
  • Not bring much to the game
  • Take way to much time and effort

That being said, I still like the idea. It’s just it would require lots of time to make it nicely and have a proper navigation (with less clicks to reach a level).

So I decided to go with the cheap solution: level buttons!

Screenshot 2019-07-21 at 18.16.07.png

As you can tell each level’s rating is based on the goals to achieve. Each level will have different goals. But I think “Collect X golden coins” and “Free 3 rabbits” will be the most common.

Alright, I’ll now do sample level and see if the whole logic is properly working!

Game Dev

World Chooser

I’m currently working on the “world chooser”.

Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 11.28.28.png

Basically, each “world” contains a set of 10 levels. The first world will have the same theme as the tutorial and will take place in forest mainly. The percentage refers to the level of completion of the world. To have 100% you will have to get 3 stars to each of the 10 levels.

The character will appear on the world you last played.

Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 11.29.16.png

That’s pretty much it!

Let’s now make the level map for this first world.

Game Dev


As I said in previous posts, I decided to limit the number of bullets per gun. This way I can have much more variety of guns and I can somehow force the player to end up using his sword.

The enemies using guns will drop bullets when killed. Also I created a dedicated crate to collect some more when evolving in the levels.

The blue crate will only contain ammo. And for convenience, it will be the same ammo for every guns, of course! 

The collectible is a bit ugly!

I’m still not 100% sure it’s a good thing to add this restriction, but I’ll move forward with it and see later if I simply revert! Alright, let’s make everything needed to reach the first level. I mean every menus and so on.

Btw, did you notice I still didn’t talk about sound effects? My plan is to properly start after I completed the first level.

Game Dev

Auto Spawners

I created before a simple script that enables me to re-spawn something infinitely after its destruction. It’s really convenient in dev time to play with destructibles for example. I made it for this purpose initially.

But I just decided it would be used in game as well. The idea is whenever something is required to move forward, such as bullets or mechas, then it should always be possible to go back to the spawner to get some bullets or a new mecha. Let’s say you are facing a boss where the gun is required, then it should be possible to get bullets somehow. This will help.


Game Dev

Slash Doors

I felt like the only door I created so far was not enough for the entire game. So I’ve been thinking about something else leveraging on the gameplay specificity. Wait. Let’s be honest already: I stole the idea from Red Steel 2 (Wii Game using the Wii Motion Plus).

Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 18.37.09

The “Slash Doors” (temporary name) require the player to do directional slashes to get them opened. Easy. An arrow indicates the direction of the slash needed.


Even though there is no side effect when the player does a wrong slash, I’m thinking to make a good use of this in timed level where you need to be accurate if you want to survive.

Alright, let’s go back to my limited ammo concern… I decided to limit the ammo per gun. Yeah, it’s a bit of a shift and it will impact the gameplay but I think it’s a good thing. I’ll be able to have a nice variety of guns and hopefully some more of your money! I mean it. Hope helps us all to move forward, right? 🙂

Game Dev

Tutorials (final version)

I completed the tutorial level!

Notable improvements from previous version are:

  • Birds flying over the scene: I like it!
  • Shadows: For some reasons the shadows got disabled in my scene previously.
  • Cat: The first cat of the game is there to test your fighting skills. I wanted to make its appearance a bit special. But it still lacks something. Probably I’ll add a kind of splash screen with a sketch of the cat and a stupid name. I was thinking to do so for real bosses, but maybe it could also be a way to introduce new enemies.
  • End of level: The zone at the end of the level with the ugly checker texture is where a level ends. I’m not a huge fan of this texture and some friends told me the same already. Well, it’s a prefab so for now I’ll live with that and change as soon as I get a better idea!

I already designed 8 levels on paper! Some will require few new features, but it should be fine. Now, I should be moving to the “Level choosing” part but there is something I’m trying to figure out… Should the bullets really be unlimited? Or should I have a limitation based on the gun you use? Darn, this will be my concern of this weekend!

Game Dev


When starting the game for the first time, the player will start with the tutorial. It will be the first thing to complete even before reaching the title screen.

This tutorial will teach the player how to do the main actions:

  • Move
  • Use the sword
  • Use the gun
  • Dash

Here is a first version :

After crossing the bridge, a first cat will appear. Defeating it will end the tutorial. I’m working on that!

There are more skills to learn though, such as how to:

  • Trigger super attacks
  • Use perks
  • Stun enemies
  • Break armors
  • Break shields
  • Pilot mechas

But I guess the player will have to experiment those by himself.