Game Dev

Plasma Machine Gun

In level 3-4 I’m introducing a new “weapon”: the static machine gun. It’s actually a huge recycling of the mecha. It uses the same scripts. The only differences are: It’s not moving, and it fires different type of bullets. That’s it. The result is good enough I think.

Game Dev


As I said in previous posts, I decided to limit the number of bullets per gun. This way I can have much more variety of guns and I can somehow force the player to end up using his sword.

The enemies using guns will drop bullets when killed. Also I created a dedicated crate to collect some more when evolving in the levels.

The blue crate will only contain ammo. And for convenience, it will be the same ammo for every guns, of course! 

The collectible is a bit ugly!

I’m still not 100% sure it’s a good thing to add this restriction, but I’ll move forward with it and see later if I simply revert! Alright, let’s make everything needed to reach the first level. I mean every menus and so on.

Btw, did you notice I still didn’t talk about sound effects? My plan is to properly start after I completed the first level.

Game Dev

Sword Placeholder

Here comes my placeholder sword ! I did a one shot drawing.. It’s just going to be a placeholder for now anyway. I’ll give it a rough texture and make a gun next.

In the actual game, I’ll make several swords and guns with different “attributes” (strength, speed, range…). Of course, to upgrade your weapons, you’ll have to pay with the game money earned while playing or with your actual money. I still have to refine the ecomic model, but most likely you’ll “have to” pay for extra assets to progress further in the game. Classic, huh ?

I could already be working on the game using really basic placeholders (cubes and so on), but it’s so much fun to practice some art in the process. In the end, I think I’ll reuse all the placeholders I’m making in the game.