Textured gun placeholder

Totally random texture for the gun. It’s supposed to be a placeholder so I made a quick and dirty texture.. Tomorrow’s topic is the real deal : Animating the character with his weapons !!

Gun placeholder

Gun placeholder ready to be textured ! It’s a simple gun inspired from random colts. I’ll add some basic textures tomorrow 🙂 Then I’ll make the poses for holding both the gun and the sword !

Textured sword placeholder

I did a quick and dirty texture for the placeholder sword. Now I’ll make a simple gun. And then I’ll integrate the character in my Unity proto.

Sword Placeholder

Here comes my placeholder sword ! I did a one shot drawing.. It’s just going to be a placeholder for now anyway. I’ll give it a rough texture and make a gun next. In the actual game, I’ll make several swords and guns with different “attributes” (strength, speed, range…). Of course, to upgrade your weapons, you’ll have…