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OrsCoL WP7 Reviews

Here are my reviews so far :

I’ve got a bad review cause my Arcade mode in the Lite version is too short (4 levels). Well, I’ll probably upgrade it to 6… Note that the average for the US for the Lite version is still 2.0 but should be 3.0 soon (Microsoft takes time to make updates) Most of the reviews are cool though.

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WP7 OrsCoL LITE certified

I submitted it last week ! Since my app isĀ already going to disappear from the first pages (still selling 1-2 each day though), I did a LITE version. I removed some sounds, levels and puzzles to make it lighter and it’s free. I hope it’ll make more people buy discover the game. šŸ™‚

The app is certified but not yet published in the marketplace… I guess they are working on it. Can’t wait to see if people like it. So far I had only 2 comments on the complete version (35 sells so far). One “5 stars” from someone I don’t know (cool), and same from a friend (haha).

I’m a bit stucked on my iPhone dev right now… Since my friend’s MacBook is running under OSX 10.5 Leopard I couldn’t install the latest version of xCode+iPhone SDK. I’ve been working using xCode 3.1.4 (the latest version I can put on Leopard). I wonder if I could upgrade the SDK and keep my xCode… But I’m bored and I won’t even try. I lost few days already to find a way to work on Leopard. And of course, I couldn’t find xCode 3.1.4 on Apple’s website. If I were to ask some Apple fanboys about it, they’d probably say : “Don’t look for some old crap, just pay to upgrade the OS or just buy a new MacBook and then just get the latest xCode, and just code”. Apple’s policy sucks. They want you to buy every single crap they make. And they know how to do it. It’s really hard to say but I’m going to buy a MacMini running under Lion. Ouch ! I said it ! It’s so painful ! I still hate Apple though. I’ll try to buy it this week. I’m not kidding, huh ? I already have my license and I hate struggling to get aĀ comfortableĀ dev env. Let’s make Apple glad to make one more victim… And I’ll sell it if I’m done with my dev and don’t need it anymore.

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Published !!

OrsCoL is now available on the marketplace :Ā OrsCoL

Thanks again to people who helped me, tried it, and enjoyed it !

I’m glad I made it this far. Well now, if I sells bad, it’s not a problem. I had fun working on it and I’ll do some updates soon !
But right now I’m working on the iOS version. I bought a book today about it. I’m reading it a bit to get started.

So far, looks like the syntax of Objective-C really sucks… Ok, let’s read some more pages…

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Now working on a MacBook

“You Are Now Registered as an Apple Developer”

I just got my Apple license. Cool !! It’s all thanks to my friend’s MacBook. Thanks Ben !!
I’m now a MacBookĀ user for few months. It’s weird since I’m the first to say I hate most of Apple stuff and policy… Maybe I’ll change my mind ??

Eh,Ā it took ~15 minutes to get my AppleĀ license.Ā Ā And it took me more than 1 week to get my Microsoft’s… How lame.

Well, now let’s start working on the iPhone version of OrsCoL. I’ll work again on my beat’em once I’m done with the iPhone. Exiting planning !! šŸ™‚

By the way, OrsCoLĀ is still waiting for the certification… I shouldn’t have modified it after I got the certification once ! I should have published it and make an update right after… Anyway, I hope they will give me the certification again soon !

Let’s play some NBA 2K11 (I just got it as a present from a friend ! Cool stuff !), then learn some Objective-C again.

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Ready to publish !!!!!!

“Congratulations! OrsCoL has successfully passed certification for Windows Phone Marketplace.”

Youhou ! It’s probably not such a big deal but I’m proud somehow šŸ™‚
I could just press the “Publish” button right away… But.. BUT… I noticed a sound bug and fixed it after the last submission !!!
So I’m just uploading a new version and then I’ll submit it again. But still, looks like I should be able to work on my other projects peacefully soon enough ! Cool !

Oh, I forgot to say I added a simple “How To” menu to explain the rules and tips. At first I thought it wouldn’t be necessary but thanks to Jux for the suggestion. It’s really nice after all.

By the way, thanks again to Seb S. (most of the cool ideas in the game are from him !). Take care man.

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Submission failed :D

Actually, I knew it… I read something about the requirements just after I submitted the app ! Ok, I’ll read this kind of things before, next time for sure !

In WP7 app, if the user is on the main screen, pressing “back” button of the phone should exit the app. So the developper has to put the exit action on the “back” event !
So I just added the two code lines missing and I re-submitted it. By the way, I also added some other actions : like if the player presses “back” while he is on the puzzle page it will go back to the main screen and so on.

I should get a mac book next week ! Then, I’ll get an Apple license and learn Objective-C.

Right now I’m still having fun with my platformer game… Actually, after some boring designs, I decided to make a simple beat’em all instead… It’s more like run-shoot-jump-run-shoot, you know, just like Contra… But not that cool of course. šŸ™‚

Some sprites samples to get the idea (the arms are on pivot so it’s easy to rotate in game for aiming) :

I should be able to use the level editor I showed previously (the thing I called “360Funky”). I already have some tools to make the dev easy. But the hard part is the drawing, indeed ! I’m ok if I work on characters or enemies, but I really suck at drawing backgrounds. Well, let’s complete some proto first…

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Submitted !

“OrsCoL” is now submitted !! I’m waiting for the certification results. I hope I won’t have to do fix…

I read lots of posts about certification requirements and looks like it’s easy to fail. Let’s wait and see.

By the way, thanks to Jux for his test on Windows Phone and hisĀ feedbackĀ !

Meanwhile, I’m working on the other simple game I mentioned before. Not that simple actually since I have to do the sprites for animations. šŸ˜¦

I found old animations I did for DS but it’s not vector. So, right now I’m doing it once more ! Here is the first sprite for the “idle” animation :

I hope I’ll start theĀ interestingĀ part soon enough !

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I got the license !

Yeah ! It took time but I got it !

Since I don’t have a WP7 yet I sent the app to friends of mine (Seb S. and Jux). Seb already managed to test it on his phone ! Thanks !!
So far so good then !

Once I submit the game, I’ll probably do it on iPhone. I don’t have a Mac Book though ! But a friend will lend me his. Yeah, I’ll probably buy a WP7 but I won’t buy a Mac Book !!
I just need it to do some dev ! So, thank you Ben for your computer !

But still, I think I’ll wait a bit before starting the iPhone version… So, right now I started working on an other small game on WP7. I Ā won’t submit it I guess, nor even complete it. It’s really for the fun. I’m using some old sprites I did for a little game on DS (character on the blog’s banner) to make a simple plateform game. Well, I’ll stop as soon as I decided to start the iPhone version of OrsCoL. And once I’m done with the iPhone version, I’ll probably go back to my former project (2D engine and editor for PC/Xbox games). I’m busy ! But I’m enjoying it. šŸ™‚

Old draft I did for the character of the plateform game

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MediaPlayer class

I checked some things about the submission process lately, and I discovered the way I played musics would just help me to fail the certification…

I used to play music that way (not my actual code, it’s just an example) :

SoundEffect soundEffect = content.Load<SoundEffect>("Sounds/mySong");
SoundEffectInstance songInstance = soundEffect.CreateInstance();
songInstance.IsLooped = true;

Well, it worked fine, and I guess using it to play songs on PC or Xbox 360 is not a problem… But the issue is, on a Windows Phone, if the user is playing his own music it will just play both the user’s music and the game music at the same time. And looks like it’s not allowed.

So I read we should use instead theĀ MediaPlayer class to check if the game has the control or not (which means if the user is using the media player or not…). But we still can prompt the user when the application is launching to ask if he would like to hear the game’s music instead of the one he’s listening. Then, I changed it into something like :

if (!MediaPlayer.GameHasControl)
   IAsyncResult guide = Guide.BeginShowMessageBox(
   "Warning", "Do you want to play the game's music instead  
   of the one you are listnening ?", new string[] { "YES", "NO" }, 0,
   MessageBoxIcon.Warning, null, null);
   int result = Guide.EndShowMessageBox(guide);
   if (result == 0) // YES    
Ā  Ā      Song songInstance =Ā content.Load<Song>("Sounds/mySong");
   else // NO    

The other thing is with the MediaPlayer class we can play mp3 songs... I could only play wav with the SoundEffect... Cool then. That's an important improvement !

Source :Ā
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First Mode done !

Yeeaah ! It’s done ! Took me 2 weeks to start and complete this mode ! Maybe I’ll do some tweak later to change the score calculation or some polish, but it’s playable (and quite hard..).

Tomorrow I’ll start my last mode. It should take 2-3 days + 2 if I decide to make an editor to create the puzzles to solve (I’ll hard code it first). Then I’ll do the menus…

Well, I hope it’ll be enjoyable.