Game Dev

OrsCoL Lite !


I just submitted a Lite version of OrsCoL. It contains 5 levels in Arcade mode and 16 puzzles. And, what’s more ? It’s FREE !

It should be available on the app store in 7-8 days I guess.

I previously talked about a game I’ll probably work on with a friend. Well, since he’s busy right now we decided to start around end of  June.

Meanwhile I’m going to work on my 2D engine ! I’m glad, somehow.
Right now I’m doing a list of what could be changed. Well, I started this project more than 2 years ago, after I graduated, so I was just a newb. I learned so many things since then…
Even if the way my engine works is based on what I witnessed in the game industry, now, my technical knowledge make me able to make some interesting optimization through a significant re factoring.
So let’s make an ugrade, then let’s add some bezier curves every where ! I got some ideas to make my roller game easy to develop 🙂



Some indies got talent !! I love this concept and the realisation looks awesome. I’ve heard the game should be available in 2011 only for Xbox 360. It’s a shame for PC gamers though. Well, since I only play on 360 right now, I don’t really care… Haha. Sorry ! More seriously, it’s a bit strange to release a version only for 360 when there are lots of gamers on steam ! Maybe they just intend to delay the PC version for some reasons ? Hope so !