Game Dev

Action Editor !!

OOhh Yeah ! I did it ! Well, actually almost… I would like to add some stuff like bezier so that I can have some curves as movement. And I should add rotations too… I’ll do that later ! I lost soo much time on stupid things… geez.

With this editor I can trigger events when I need to, during animations. And of course I can create object translation without hard code. It may help for example to create very simple scripted events. I may also use this editor to create camera movement for shake etc. etc. Cool stuff !

Now, I’m going to create the “Action Bank Editor”. Every object can have a list of action banks, and each action bank contains a list of actions. According to the character/IA state the current action bank will be changed with another etc. Then I’ll work on a graphic way to organize events (with trigger zone etc.), then do some work on the Fx and shaders, and finaly have fun with moves/damages/action/dialogue/text editor etc. When it’s done, I’ll start the game. Yeah, awesome planning !

And, I keep the sound for later !

PS : For the moment, I’m using Guilty Gear sprites I found on the web as placeholders.

Game Dev


The first difference with my old games is, now I’ve got some experience, and more skill. I know I can’t try to create a complete game if I don’t have the tools it requires.

That’s why before working on the main dish, I’m making the appetizer (actually, I hope it’ll be better than my real food)… So my current and main project is an editor for a 360 game.

I called it “360Funky”, cause it’s based on XNA and I love funk. Easy, huh ?

It looks like that :

In the menu, “FX Editor” and the different banks are not yet implemented. Currently I’m working on the “Action Editor”. The action editor contains a timeline to customize animation and “events”.

I’ve been looking on the web for a timeline in C#. Finally, I did it from scratch. If someone need it, just ask ! (I did it quickly, ok ?)

Game Dev

XNA 4.0 !

I upgraded my dev to the last release of XNA. And guess what ? It was really a pain in the a** !

Lots of obsolete functions, shaders to modify, and so on. Thanks Microsoft ! Well, I could keep my XNA 3.1… But still !

But XNA 4.0 looks really awesome ! Being able to develop for Windows 7 Phone is a nice add-on ! I’m now looking forward the Kinect tools for indies.
I’m sure some indies may come with incredible ideas !