Jay&Kay Holo Lens

Can’t wait to try this new MS gadget… Don’t miss the “Microsoft Build Developer Conference” !!

Jay&Kay Eureka

I worked on those characters for a while now.. Maybe I’ll do a strip from time to time…

Random sketch

Wolverine playing Fruit Ninja. Quick one done before sleeping to put something on this blog… Damn ! I need to update it, I know but I’m busy drinking in pubs and so on… That’s life buddies 🙂

E3 : Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs and Tomb Raider : The only games I wish I were able to try right away ! I guess Tomb Raider is filled of scripted events though… Well, some other stuff from this E3 are not bad either, huh ? Anyway, I still have 25 games in my room I didn’t play even…