Game Dev

32 puzzles and 5 loops !

I finally did it ! I’m done with the 32 first puzzles ! I’m now trying to find the required time to get gold, silver or bronze medal for each puzzle. Well, I’ll just try to solve them myself first. 🙂

Some examples of puzzles :

I’ve got some music loops !! Already 5 ! All thanks to Félix and his awesome work ! I used one for the home page, and the others for levels (I change the loop on level up ! Cool stuff).

I’m doing some tweaks here and there, and I wonder if I should add a button to the home page to display the game’s rules… But I hope it’s easy to understand.
So, maybe I’ll do it in an update (or never) ?

I think I could submit a first version at the end of the month.

Game Dev

Play Sound

I’m done with the sound ! That was easy actually. I just did some methods to play/pause/stop/loop sounds and enabled calls from animations and state machines. I tried it with a simple state machine and it worked fine.

I did a simple music for this test, you might find it there : ConflictZone.mp3
It’s just some random bass slap with wah effect.

MSDN reference :