Game Dev

Audio configuration

Another addition of the day is the configuration of the audio.

It’s now possible to activate effects and music. I sometimes played the game listening to other musics and still wanted to have the SFX played so I wanted this feature badly. So here it is.

From the home menu, in the “More” section, the two buttons on the top left allow you to activate/deactivate all sounds or only the music.

It’s also possible to change this in game through the Pause menu.

To disable all sounds, it’s really simple. You just have to change the static volume value from the AudioListener class! It’s like a master volume.

AudioListener.volume = 0f;

To handle the muting of the music, I used a class I created to manage the musics (fade from scene and so on), so it was easy and didn’t require me to go through different scenes (they all use the same default prefabs).

Let’s now make a game icon and then prepare the trailer!

Game Dev

32 puzzles and 5 loops !

I finally did it ! I’m done with the 32 first puzzles ! I’m now trying to find the required time to get gold, silver or bronze medal for each puzzle. Well, I’ll just try to solve them myself first. 🙂

Some examples of puzzles :

I’ve got some music loops !! Already 5 ! All thanks to Félix and his awesome work ! I used one for the home page, and the others for levels (I change the loop on level up ! Cool stuff).

I’m doing some tweaks here and there, and I wonder if I should add a button to the home page to display the game’s rules… But I hope it’s easy to understand.
So, maybe I’ll do it in an update (or never) ?

I think I could submit a first version at the end of the month.