Game Dev

Level 3-7 completed

Here comes the level 3-7!

Nothing fancy. It’s recycling a lot of mechanics. It’s also introducing the last perk (invincibility shield). I added some rain to make it look a bit different but there’s really nothing new.

I also finished the level 3-8. This level is a bit different from previous, you’ll see.
Then I’m starting the level 3-9: last level before the boss fight!

The game is almost ready! That was quite a long development but I’m glad I didn’t stop! Anyway, it’s not released yet so let’s keep calm and code.

Game Dev

Level 3-6 completed!

The Level 3-6 is an old fashioned rail shooter with the machine gun I previously introduced!

I really played a lot on this level already. I love it! It’s not too long, not too complex. And that’s fun to play I think. I wanted to have such a level in the game… That’s done!

Game Dev

Level 3-5 completed

The level 3-5 is done!

It’s still about killing spiders by packets. But I really wanted another level in the same style to be able to have tougher fights. In the 3-4, the “coop” with AI didn’t allow me to do so (the AI is quite basic). So in this level I’m introducing 2 more things:

  • Spider eggs

The player will have to destroy all the spider eggs in the second part of the level. Nothing fancy, it’s just a way to have some random exploration with a goal.

  • Spider Queen

    Once done, the explorer rabbit (picture above) will lead the player to the boss (spider queen). This is the first boss I make with a weak spot. Basically, you need to target the butt of the spider. I think it’s also the first boss that really requires the player to rely on the gun. It’s a good addition I think. I died quite some times facing it but it’s ok!

The whole level in video:

Game Dev

Level 3-4 completed

I’m a bit late in the posts because levels 3-4, 3-5 and 3-6 are actually already done. I’m working on Level 3-7.
Anyway, here is what I can say about the level 3-4.

This level is like a “co-op” but with an AI. It’s not an AI you need to protect much. Sometimes it may be overflown by the number of enemies it faces but most of the time it will be ok. It gives some more variety to the game and enables me to have some more story telling.

Finally, as I mentioned in my previous post, the machine gun is there to nuke some spiders.
After I made this video, I added a cooldown logic to this weapon because it was way to easy! The cooldown is visible on the video I’ll upload for Level 3-6.

Game Dev

Level 3-3 completed!

The level 3-3 is done!

I actually finished it few days ago but I was too lazy to post it.
This level is mainly about reusing existing features: mecha, random enemies, switches, doors, elevators…
And I added a boss at the end of the level. I think it’s a really tough one… I died quite a lot. But it’s ok, if any player reaches that level, it would be great already!

Game Dev

Level 3-1 completed

The first level of the 3rd world is completed! So currently 21 levels were done! 9 left to go!

The level also introduces a toxic fog!

The next level will be mainly about the toxic fog and it will introduce the life perk (perk that heals the main character).

Game Dev

Level 2-6 completed!

Probably one of my favorite levels so far I think! It got pretty much everything I like in the game: various mini games, decent fights, a bit of story telling…

I already introduced the first part in the previous post, but here is a record of the full level.

The scientist is back for more scripted events and dialogs:

The player will have to run for his life in this second part where a boulder is rolling down the slope. On the way, he will have to avoid some blockers. Classic.

Some enemies will spawn and run as well, but they won’t make it, of course.

Let’s work on the Level 2-7 with more mini-games and the first mecha around the end of the level!

Game Dev

Level 9 completed

I just completed the level 9!! Yeah!

Ok, it was easier to build than previous levels since it’s just a patchwork of everything but still I feel like it’s the most enjoyable of the levels. It has real tough fights 🙂

One more level and it will be good enough for a beta and gather some feedbacks.
Still, before the beta I will have to integrate sounds all over the place!

The level 10 should be quick to make. It will be a Boss. I’m thinking about using a “heavy charger cat” for that… It should do the job (Heavy Charger Cat).


Game Dev

Level 8 completed!

I just finished the level 8!

Well, it’s nothing fancy and I need to do some polish but it should be ok for now…

This is the second part of the level:


It’s introducing the “password doors”. In level 7, we had to wait for the NPC to unlock some doors. Here the main character needs to find a code to open it. Since it’s the first appearance, the code is right next to the door, but in future levels the code will be in a remote location.

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 00.52.25.png
This board will share precious informations such as passwords

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 00.53.10
Memorise the password

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 00.55.13.png
Find a monitor and enter the password

Two more levels to go before a Beta!!