Game Dev

Levels 1 to 3 from above

I’m making some pictures of the levels from above to be a bit aware of their complexity and consistency. Each level will be in 2 (or more parts). And starting level 4 or 5 I will introduce bonus sections in levels (like in Sonic and Donkey Kong).

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 00.17.57.png

I used a different shader for the tutorial… I now realise it’s too dark compared to the one I used for other levels.

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 23.50.35.png
Level 1 – Part 1
Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 23.49.56.png
Level 1 – Part 2

As expected, the first level is quite straightforward. It’s essentially there for the player to experiment what was shown during the tutorial such as: using the controls, beating basic enemies easily, and understand basic mechanics (switch and doors).

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 23.49.18.png
Level 2 – Part 1
Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 23.48.39.png
Level 2 – Part 2

The part 1 of the level 2 is meant to break a bit the linearity. The use of water helps me to avoid repetitions (in design) and allows me to explore more situations (fight on bridges…). The challenge here is to make a flat level. Ladders are only introduced in level 3. Note I didn’t finish the part 2. I’ll finish it tomorrow… I need to do a bit more level design to introduce the boss of the level (an armored cat). This level also introduce the cages to break to save rabbits.

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 00.41.27.png
Level 3 – Part 1
Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 23.46.42.png
Level 3 – Part 2

Level 3 introduces the ladders and allows the user to evolve on different heights. The part 2 shows it with the cavity under the bridge. I’ll have this kind of pattern on different floors in a future level. I made this level a bit more linear than the previous to focus on the ladders. Next levels should be a bit less linear.

Here is the plan so far:

Level 4 will be under the rain, with a darker shader but in kind of the same setting as previous levels but with new enemies probably (cf Shielded Cat).

Level 5 should be the space invader like level (cf Shooting some drones).

Level 6 will introduce the lasers and other traps (cf Laser) and a rolling rock to escape. I didn’t make a post about the rock, but I made the mechanic already.

Level 7 will introduce the block moving mini game (cf Block Mini Game). I’ll probably change it a bit… Currently the gameplay is too rigid…

Level 8 will be a level were you need to protect another rabbit. I still need some dev for that but there is no challenge.

Level 9 will be a kind of tower with only battles against all the enemies met so far.

Level 10 will be a boss with 2-3 states I still need to design and make a model for. But as I mentioned (I think) in an old post it’ll most likely be a flying robot like in Sonic, with a cat that should be recognisable in the future…

Once level 10 is done, I’ll focus on the sounds for some time before moving forward.

That’s the plan 🙂


Game Dev

Game Start!

A friend of mine told me, after reading previous posts on jet pack shooter, that it was time for me to stop screwing up with features and that I should start the game at last, to release a first version as MVP (Most Valuable Product). Well, darn, I know he is right. Still, I’m sure the game has nothing yet that will make it unique and possibly successful.

But I decided to follow the advice and develop features “when needed”. So, I finally started the introduction level !

Here come some screenshots. I don’t want to show a video for now because the introduction stops abruptly where I am right now.

This introduction level will end when the main character get his sword and gun. It’s a basic and short level composed of 2 areas (green area and prison). I’m also applying a shader for the ambiant colors. It makes it a bit less flashy I think.

Here is the full level from the editor view :


I’ll do a video as soon as the final part of the level is done… I’m doing some animations for that !

Game Dev

Proto Map

I’m building a quick and dirty proto map at the moment.

I’m a pure newbie in level design but so far I can say it’s both awesome and painful. “Awesome” because I’m using some Unity features I didn’t use till then and I like what I’m learning (terrain painting, navigation baking..) but “painful” when it comes to actually build something great. At the moment, I’m just building a sandbox where I’ll play with all my game mechanics. But I already feel the pain of building an actual level ! Darn, I’m getting more and more amazed by level designer’s work. I’ll have to study a bit before getting into the levels creation or else I’ll end up insane.


Right now, I’m doing some tests on mobile. It’s working just great. I’m also doing some gameplay twicks thanks to some people testing that for me at work. That’s pretty important to have people testing the gameplay early in the process I think. It’s even more important when you’re building a game all by yourself… I already changed a lot of times the interactivity thanks to that. And now that I compare the current state to what I designed initially I’m glad other people around came up with better ideas.

Btw, Happy new year ! I wish you all the best for 2017 !