Game Dev

New shader in customisation menu

I decided to use a different toon shader on the character for the menu. This way, the light and shadows improve the look of the character and its clothes.

I think it works really well with clothes that were looking too flat as this one:

Game Dev

Level 2 or 3

I’m still working on this level… I now wonder if it shouldn’t be the level 3 instead of 2.
I wanted to introduce the cages (cf Rabbit Rescue) starting level 3. But the working with the stairs gives me so many opportunities to hide cages it would be a waste. For example, at the end of the first part of the level, you can collect some coins if you get down before activating the bridge. This could be a perfect location for a cage.

See for yourself.

This video ends with the Level Complete event but it’s actually just half of the level. I tend to make levels in 2 parts. This enables me to make lighter scenes in terms of resources and this way it eases the creation of  “checkpoints”.

Compared to the previous post the colouring differs.. I changed the shaders because I was applying one that is not compatible on mobile. It’s a shame because I liked it. But this one gives a nice cartoon touch I think!

Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 00.41.24.png

Let’s continue!

Game Dev

Game Start!

A friend of mine told me, after reading previous posts on jet pack shooter, that it was time for me to stop screwing up with features and that I should start the game at last, to release a first version as MVP (Most Valuable Product). Well, darn, I know he is right. Still, I’m sure the game has nothing yet that will make it unique and possibly successful.

But I decided to follow the advice and develop features “when needed”. So, I finally started the introduction level !

Here come some screenshots. I don’t want to show a video for now because the introduction stops abruptly where I am right now.

This introduction level will end when the main character get his sword and gun. It’s a basic and short level composed of 2 areas (green area and prison). I’m also applying a shader for the ambiant colors. It makes it a bit less flashy I think.

Here is the full level from the editor view :


I’ll do a video as soon as the final part of the level is done… I’m doing some animations for that !

Game Dev

First try in Unity

I just tried integrating my Blender character in Unity and adding some controllers and physics to it.


I only used the Idle and the Run animations. I wonder if the Walk will actually be used…

I added a toon shader to the mesh just for the test. I like this design with outlines.

I didn’t write the shader myself, you can find it on the Unity asset store.
In addition, for my proto I’m using one of Unity’s tutorials environment.

Now it’s about making a gun and making the character shoot in Unity.
I’m starting with the gun because the sword will require more complex animations. But I can’t wait to get some sword movements though !!

Game Dev

Pixel Shaders Editor

I’m back !!

And looks like my motivation is still the same ! Cool. I added a shader editor ! Well it’s just a GUI to try and customize shaders.

I did it this morning. It’s working fine but since I’m not yet confident with shaders I’ll have to read more about HLSL before using it easily.

I’m now working on a demo !!!! Yeah ! For real !

Game Dev

Object Rotations

Man, I did some maths since I started this project !! I’ve got 3 papers on my desk filled with matrix and calculations… There is nothing really hard though.

I added rotations to my objects. It also means if an object rotates it’ll rotate its children. I just need to save rotations in my timeline and add a blend between two key frames and then I should be able to make this skeleton move :

(Red  arrow : local X axis ; Green arrow : local Y axis)

With such an animation editor I should be able to do complex animations with bones and scripted animations (such as falling objects without physic…).

I should be done with this part of the editor soon. Then I’ll work on the FX ! It should be cool.

To sum up, right now I have :

– Hierarchy
– Animation
– Collision detection
– Collision map creation
– Objects creation/edition
– Level editor
– Serialization

Enough to start a game I think… without sound and FX (shaders I mean… Since I could use animations).
But I’ll try to make my editor as complete as possible till end of march. I’ll start after that. Can’t wait ! 🙂

I’ll try to do some videos soon (while working on the FX).