Game Dev


I added a jump animation. It will be the last crossing type for now. I designed a kind of crossing mini game but I won’t implement it before I get the rest of the gameplay done.

I’m thinking about putting some traps requiring good jump timing but it will come later as well.


The whole thing still look a bit stiff and not smooth but it’s good enough for a little mobile game I guess.

Let’s keep going !

Game Dev

Wall climbing in Unity

There it is ! After having “fun” with offlinks meshes I managed to integrate my first crossing animations. I did a mid-hight climb and fall. The result isn’t too bad.

It’s leading to some new AI logic though. I didn’t really think about what the enemies should do while you’re up and for some reasons some of the cats end up being stucked. Maybe I’ll just disable crossings when the player is facing a wave of foes. Seems basic but it’ll give some more design constraints easing my job.

The blocks are placeholders. I’ll most likely have explicit “ladders” to show the obstacle is jump-able.

Game Dev

Wall climbing

As I mentioned in a previous post I’m thinking about adding some plateformer elements in the gameplay. I’m designing wall climbing, jumping, wall sliding (top to bottom) and maybe side wall riding. But all of them will be only  possible from dedicated locations. The player will have to tap on a “jump” icon or something as explicit.

Here is my wall climbing placeholder (polishing isn’t my priority at this stage..) :


The animation will be faster in the actual game.

My problem so far is it’s only about style and exploration (hiding a bonus on top of some rocks)… I have a hard time designing crossings with risks for the player since the crossing will be poorly scripted and driven by the animation.. You won’t have to aim nor have a good timing to succeed (in my current design). But I’m still working on it.

Game Dev

Back to Unity

I’m now integrating the first enemy in Unity. Looks like the cell shading style fits nicely.


I think I’ll put this boss aside for now. Because, I plan to give it some specific behaviours and at this stage I don’t have a proper state machine logic for AIs yet. I’ll move to the design of most basic enemy of the game : a walking cat scratching the main character.



WM walk cycle

Symple walk cycle for the boss.


In the actual game I’ll add some smoke FX on each step and make the whole animation slower. He doesn’t seem so heavy yet. I like the way the arms are swinging though.

I did a rough weight paint… There are still some glitches I’ll fix later. But anyway on a mobile screen, such glitches would be harder to spot. So it’s not my priority for now.. I’ll do more animations (idle and attacks).

Game Dev

Actions in Unity

I’m back in Unity. I’m making the scripts and state machines for the character.
Again, don’t pay attention to the background environment. It’s not mine.

I’ll now do a placeholder map with some static targets and then do some testing on mobile.


Game Dev

Static gun shoot

Here comes the simple gun shoot animation, when the player isn’t moving. Based on the fire rate, the animation will play faster/slower in actual game…

I’m not doing any polish on the animations for now so it should be pretty fast to make some more.

Game Dev

New look

After some feedbacks, I changed the eyes. He probably looks less psycho… Somehow…
Darn, I can’t wait to get some gameplay done. Days are way too short.


Game Dev

First try in Unity

I just tried integrating my Blender character in Unity and adding some controllers and physics to it.


I only used the Idle and the Run animations. I wonder if the Walk will actually be used…

I added a toon shader to the mesh just for the test. I like this design with outlines.

I didn’t write the shader myself, you can find it on the Unity asset store.
In addition, for my proto I’m using one of Unity’s tutorials environment.

Now it’s about making a gun and making the character shoot in Unity.
I’m starting with the gun because the sword will require more complex animations. But I can’t wait to get some sword movements though !!