Game Dev

Perk Description

I know I should stop doing features!! But I wanted to do this for some time now. And it was really fast thanks to all the work I did previously in the customization menu. Btw, I think building the customization of the character was the most boring task I did on the game. It took ages and I had to get familiar with dynamic texturing and so on. Still, here comes a new addition to the customization menu.

As I already mentioned that when working on the perks (= basically bonus/penalty on player stats), all the masks have positive perks while most of the weapons will have negative perks. The only thing was that you had to know what was the meaning of the perk icons:

Here the red one is reducing the cost of the Super attacks while the green one is increasing your life. Now touching the perk will show a description. That’s a simple addition I know, but I think it’s a nice one.

Game Dev

Weapon Perks

After some busy weeks, I’m back on the game!

Few posts bellow I mentioned my concern about weapons variety and then introduced the bullet limitation. The result was making the gameplay too harsh (from my perspective) so I decided to remove this feature. Finally I came with something else! The “Weapon Perks”.

The idea is quite simple. Take a sword for example. The available properties for swords are:

  • Damage
  • Speed
  • Range

So the only way for me to make swords was to play on those properties. Considering the current maximum damage dealt in one blow is 5, I felt like it would be tough to have plenty of different swords that would have real impact on gameplay. So I added “perks” that will increase/reduce your life/super/dash bars.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 22.17.18.png
Perks are displayed under the sword properties.

Grey perks have negative impacts while coloured perks have positive impacts.

On the picture above, for example, the katana removes 2 slots from the life bar and adds 1 to the dash bar. So even-though the katana is faster than most of the swords it has some drawbacks.
The same perks also applies to guns. I had a hard time creating different gun specs so it will help me move forward on the matter.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 22.17.51.png
This swords reduces the cost of the super attack by 1 slot.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 22.26.01.png
This sword reduces the dash bar by 2 slots and increases the cost of the super attacks by 2.

While it’s good for me, I hope it won’t bring too much confusion to the player.

Oh, note I added new swords to the game! I didn’t design those. I simply got this awesome pack on Unity Asset Store. I then played a bit with the materials to have the black outline, that’s it. It really fits my whole style I think. It’s a shame the artist didn’t make guns. I’ll have to tackle that sooner or later…

Let’s proceed further!

Game Dev


I said in an old post that the player would be able to collect some items enabling him to enhance temporarily his skills (mentioned in Shooting some drones) when desired. Here we go!

Screenshot 2019-03-10 at 00.43.40.png
Perk Crates

I had a hard time deciding what would be the impacts but here are the 3 first perks I made (most likely the only one I’ll do):

  • Life : Gives back 1 life point every second.


  • Shield : Protects the player from bullets.


  • Speed : Multiply by 2 the fire rate of the weapon, the sword speed and the walking speed (truth is its ~1.6 for the walking. 2 was way too fast).


That’s it!

You can store up to 3 perks but you can’t have twice the same.